Is there anyone who is interested in purchasing and uploading games by proxy?


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Jul 17, 2022
Is there anyone who is interested in purchasing and uploading games?

I want to buy some old doujin games that are not here. The price is not a problem. Most of the games I want to buy are between a few hundred and a thousand yen.
shipping fee are a little burdensome though

But if i order a courier, my family will receive it and open it. And luckily don't open it there's no place in the house to hide it

Is there anyone living in Japan who would like to purchase and upload the game instead?

I want a resident in Japan because it is a little burdensome to send shipping fee

I'll send the product cost via PayPal. After uploading, it doesn't matter whether you keep the product or sell it again

If you sell the product at the same price as the purchase price, you will earn about 6000 yen.
It's not a huge amount, but I think it's a good amount of pocket money for just uploading.
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