Is Otome game download section not active anymore?


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Apr 2, 2014
Hey guys?

I just wondering if this download section for Otome webboard already inactive..? There is no new otome/yaoi in download section game for a very long time. have all uploader abandon this website? There only us, the downloader still active and keep on requesting. I know this website will be focus on Hentai material more than otome and BL but still... If you guys know other website that still sharing... kindly let us know please?

I don't know what happens, but since I only follow this website as long as I remember.. I uses to see game upload time to time... but now not anymore. It feels like people quit it... If somebody do know the reason, please let me/us know too (IDK. like.. some legally sharing, buying online problems etc.)
I don't have any anwser to give unfortunatly, i'm just commenting to get notified if someone replies because i also see that happening(this is a new account i forgot my old password).
This is literally the only place to download otome games that is still active that i know of, i don't want this to die :\

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Would you reupload the mexashare link part 7, please? That's the only broken one.

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Could you reup this?

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Is it possible to reupload the links for this game?