Re: [Mod Discussion] (Illusion) Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト)

hi, i am looking for Christmas stuff , but mostly a Santa hat. thanks
I'm looking for this Tattoo. A tribal heart tattoo on pubic/womb area.
I'm using skin text mod.


Re: [Mod Discussion] (Illusion) Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト)

Hello fellow perverts.

Long time lurker first time poster.

I do have a request for a mod. Is it possible to create a mod that will allow you to change the music that plays during sex scenes in Honey Select? I for one would like to replace the soft piano music with cheesy, 70's porno funk.
Re: [Mod Discussion] (Illusion) Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト)

Hi! And is fashion which does not only the character in animation style and still clothes, hair and a scene?
Re: Mod Request (Uta And Lillithmon) HS

Good day,

For quite a long time trying to find / assemble from the ready-made sets of clothes the look of the character of the game "Rainbow 6 siege" - Monika IQ Weiss. don't care about the face, I'm looking for clothes more. Is it possible to create such a character from already existing sets of clothes? How much I was not looking for - nothing like it was.
Could anyone please make a futa, trap and/or male height adjustment mod for HS? Wide slider boobs look weird on the male character. Thank you! (I'm also having trouble finding male character clothes, but I'm still looking.)

I was wondering if there are panties mod where the panties are hanging on the girl's leg? If not, I would like to request that.

Thanks =)
Bonjour heero360 avez-vous trouvé le mod de cheveux de cette fille?

ok finally i found it;first of all i suggest to you to install HS_ResolveMoreSlotID_v1.1 with this utility u can know a lot of stuff for example u can read the card then that said witch mod u need and sumetime u got the link to download it.The hair of this card is by [Honey D] Hair pack 1 ;if u have the mod go check to Back Hair then choose [Honey D] Hair 02
Could anyone make a new eyeshadow that looks like her makeup is running? Like smeared or whatever, like when a girl cums so hard that she cries a bit.....or her face has just gotten wet somehow.

Also, there is a mod for FK Cock that lets you attach a much more realistic looking penis to the man and manipulate it as the scene fits, but I'm surprised we have no such thing for vaginas. We could have different models based on the scene you wish to create, spread from penetration, spread labia with fingers and just a normal one for 3D pussylips.

Thanks in advance =)

EDIT: Also, game assets from other games can be ported right? The luxury apartment in Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC would be fantastic as a map-item.
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I have a ""simple"" request (I think).
I desperately need a mod from a character in Dark Souls, only her little clothes, it is only a helmet a top and a skirt.

Images below

View attachment 22228
View attachment 22227

If someone can help me, i will be forever grateful, I have the game installed if files are needed.
i think this is to big of a request but ill try to ask, if its not to much trouble(wich it probably is im sorry) i would like someone to convert the clothes and objects from devious devices assets and devious devices expansion so they can be used in the CC and studio neo, they already exist somewhere on the internet as "skyrim restraints pack 1 and 2" but i cant seem to find them.

devious devices assets:

devious devices expansion:

if there is someone with the time to do this i would be overjoyed:)
Re: [Mod Discussion] (Illusion) Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト)

Looking for tis hair mod or hair accesory
naomi_pose_pic_by_maxmouseda_ddac3rn-pre.jpg0816f65d75303166b8ef24ec9a5b39456969ba24 (1).png

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