I really want to play artificial academy again


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Aug 10, 2020
so back i think last year i finally played artificial academy 2, obviously NOT BUYING IT
But later I deleted it because kept slowing my pc (the pc was my sisters and her husbands)so yea but then like today I really felt like playing it again but man trying to install the whole thing with the mods was really time consuming, plus it was almost a year since I last played it so I literally forgot how I installed it, well I think its for the best, because now I have genshin impact :3 (I think its 20 GB not sure)
the pc was my sisters and her husbands

What if the husband also played the game on it and became upset after you deleted it


And having the game installed alone should not slow down your pc...maybe you'll run into performance issues when you're playing it, but it shouldn't have any impact otherwise

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Excuse me, but do you have the update for this one?
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May I request a reupload on mexashare for this? Thanks!

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