How mobile otome games are made?


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Jan 16, 2014
Ughh I'm going crazy here ;-;
I really, reeaally want to make an otome game, like, it's my dream since 8 years ago...
I know ren'py, even started making one recently with a friend, but I also wanted a game like a chat (Love unholyc, Mystic Messenger, MeChat...)
Do they use Java?
So, please, if someone knows... tell me ;u; I'll be eternally grateful
I think you can contact Velvet Fox Games (developer of Infinite Blue) to ask. My guess is they use unity btw.

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Hi Thanks for your help.
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Hi, is there any chance of getting this game?
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Hope it's ok to ask for this last one for now. I'm still new to requesting games is all.