(Help) Can someone help me find this doujin?


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Jun 13, 2024
Hi, could somebody help me find this or the artist who made it? It shouldnt be too hard i think
I remember seeing this in nhentai at some point but when i tried to search for it again i couldnt find it, they may have deleted it but im not sure

The cover is all i remember
it was a really well drawn and fully coloured art
The setting was a little dark, alley looking place at night between some apartments, iluminated by neon-ish pink/purple lights.
It contained 2 characters in the center of the art, a MILF/Mother sitting down/squatting in the middle of this alleyway place, while embracing a a shota (or giving him a handjob, i don't remember)
You could see both characters on the art because the shot was a little further away from them
It was pretty memorable since the art quality was really good

Thank you for your time!
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