Have you ever...

Never even watch a actual football match.

Have you ever eat a fried frog?
yup... it tastes like chicken..

have you ever wish you could turn back time or you could do time travel?

. . .
hmm. not really.

have you ever wake up to realise that you are actually not late for school?
Happens all the time.

Have you ever been late for a date?
never had 1, unless its about going out with friends, but that too, never

have you ever forgot your wallet at home when going to school?
Happens before~

Have you ever show your teacher you didn't finish homework?
yes many times and got canned many times as well lol........

have you ever tried to play the role of a bitch? :P
No but i wanna try xD

Have you ever punch someone badly?
lol wanna try nice thought!

no never got into any fight..... you see i am so lovable that no one fights me xD :P

have you ever threatened someone?
yeah. part of a joke of course.

have you ever played soccer and broke glass windows?
Don't like soccer.

Have you touch real boobies before?
NO! =.=

Have you ever met a real tsundere in real life before?
Yes and No, that time i don't know what tsundere is, but now that i think back about it, she sure does act that way.

Have you ever eat dog meat?
yes, once when i saw very young.

have you ever been to europe?
nope ....... but will surely try to visit when i have some $$ btw is it still alive :P

have you ever saw a nightmare?!
real one? yeah once. i fired simulation rifles before too.

have you ever watched japanese owarai (japanese comedy shows)?
yeah many manyyy times even months (cuz suffered from Jaundice)

have you ever saw a dead body?

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