Harem in maze


Jan 26, 2015
Harem in maze

Release Year: 2013

Genre: ADV, 3DCG, Animation, Fantasy, Tentacles, Pregnant, Cosplay, Pee
Censorship: None / a patch to remove
Platform: PcWindows
Publication Type: Informal
Medicine: Not required
Language Game: English
Language: English
Sound language: English
System requirements: Os: Windows XP/Vista/7, Cpu: 2.0Ghz, Ram: 512MB, 1024x576, Directx: 8.0

File size: 1.3 GB

Download Harem in maze


Harem In Maze + Harem In Maze UPPERS (Expansion).rar


Harem In Maze + Harem In Maze UPPERS (Expansion).rar

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Dominance 2014

Release Year: 2014

Genre : Big breasts, Femdom, Footjob, Elf, Blowjob, Handjob, Milf, Anal, Bdsm
Platform : PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Tablet: Not required
Language Game : English
Language : English
Voice language : English
System requirements : Os: WinXP/Vista/7/8 resolution: 1024 * 768 required, recommended 1280 * 960 essential colors: high color, full color recommended sound: Ogg, Pcm, DirectSound DirectX: 8.0a
Description : In a period when the conscription is decided by the laws, Makoto Hibino, this story's protagonist, is enlisted against his will in the army and sent to the "Thrown away Shogi pieces' Unit".
Making a support training on a remote region's uninhabited planet, he stepped on a directional land mine and fell in the bottom of a valley with his combat armour no more able to move.
Somehow he is able to dispatch a salvage's signal and waits for aid but, passed some days, again there weren't indications of the appearance of a rescue.
Then, passed six days, when his life was coming to an end, a ship descends with a roaring sound and Makoto is rescued.
When Makoto that had fainted wakes up, he lay on his back in a room of a spaceship. Moreover he was nude.
And in front of his eyes there was an expressionless woman ...
"Now I'll pick your semen"
Without changing expression, the woman mounted upon Makoto.
His mouth was covered by her well shaped ass and a machine he had never seen started to be installed to his penis ...
Subject to the soft sensation of her ass coming in contact with his face and for the great pleasantness due to the machine installed to his penis, he has compulsorily ejaculated more and more times.
And Makoto, whose semen has been picked all the time, has lost once again consciousness ...
What ever will be his fate after that?
Acts that can't be expressed with the words, even now are taking place on that ship.

File size: 1.8 GB

Download Dominance 2014
Immoral Ward HD Hentai Games 2013

Release Year: 2013

Release Date: 2013/11/01
Genre: Simulator, SLG, 3D, ADV, Constructor, BDSM, Big breasts, Blowjob, Group, Hospital, Toys, Training, Cosplay
Censorship: Yes, but can be removed
Platform: PC / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Medicine: Not required
Language Games: Japanese pic
Language: Japanese pic
Language: Japanese pic
Minimum System Requirements:
:: CPU Pentium4 2.4GHz :: RAM 1GB :: VRAM 256MB :: HDD 9GB ::
Description:latest is a story Immoral to unfold in the hospital.As to be able to enjoy more the atmosphere of the story, expand the etch scene of real-time movie tailoring in this volume.

File size: 7.1 GB

Download Immoral Ward HD Hentai Games 2013
Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin Kazoku Nandakara

Release Year: 2013

The life "family" to humiliation to do as a - beauty big tits?
Hero and Mamiya Yuichi fails to exam, I go to prep school now.
And this time, I was supposed to be his not at home most of the time at work is remarried, new family increases.
-Mifuyu giving off the charm of mature adult, eldest , Natsuki of gal wind today, second -Akiba busty while sober.
It was Yuichi you want to welcome a new family, but the stimulus was too strong for him live life with three women. Stress of exams are overlapping, I will no longer be suppressed sexual desire.
However, parcel from someone reaches the source of such Yuichi.
Was found in the hull, it was a strange pen light that would be an opponent just show the light.
Including applied a penlight strong suggestion, but act your opponent seriously dislikes seemed not be , first Yuichi "get along as a family" from that, I will continue to order a radical ask gradually.
Yuichi you wanted had a baby of their own to become a real family, anywhere continue to cum girls at any time.
And also dyed carnal, and ...... to go now will seek more radical action.
Genre: mind control, teacher, blowjob, paizuri, milf, anal, big breasts, enema, bondage, harem, oral, pregnant, lactation
Censorship: Is in game (games) of distribution
Edition type: License
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 1.8 GB

Download Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin Kazoku Nandakara

One day, in the back of a cave you happen to find “The flower garden that will protect the Dragons” where you see a baby all alone. This is a story of love, nurturing, as you foster her. You will teach, laughing, cry and live together. However, there things in life your cannot experience by herself. Do you continue to keep watch over her , or do you take her as a woman. It is your choice…
Genre: 3D, Animation, ADV, Simulator, Monsters, Group, Blowjob, Creampie, Titsjob, Straight, Footjob, Bikini, Swimsuit, Glasses, Stockings
Censorship: Is in game (games) of distribution
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: Is present

File size: 3.5 GB

Download Musumakeup!
Monster Girl Quest! Part 1-3

Release Year: 2013

You hero, young guy.
You battle to various monsters.
All monsters the sexy girls, one is better another! Find all of them!
It is an epic quest. Whether your dirty dreams will come true?
Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Femdom, Angels, Monsters, Demons, Furry, Knight, Vore
Censorship: Is in game (games) of distribution
Edition type: License
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 2.7 GB

Download Monster Girl Quest! Part 1-3
Harem Fantasy - Visual Game

Release Year: 2015

Genre: VN, School, Harem, Demon-Girl, Virgin, Lacration, X-Ray
Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution
Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: License Tabletka: Not required
Language games: Japanese Language: Japanese Language: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: WinXP / Vista / 7/8, CPU: Celeron 333MHz, RAM: 64MB, 800x600, DirectX: 7.0

Lived a normal - there lived not grieved. Suddenly, on the way to school he sucked into another world. And begged the princess of the world that he saved them.

File size: 535.5 MB

Download Harem Fantasy - Visual Game
Harlem with Vampire lord

Storm of the night, the boy he met one animal of ugly monsters, had to know his past.
All covered in lie, boy overwhelmed by themselves even not human reality
Begin now journey of revenge of betrayed the boy in the world!
Full-scale feature-length fantasy RPG
Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Harem, Milking, Blowjob, Demons, Warrior
Censorship: Is
Developer/publishing house: Pie Gill
Platform: PC/WindowsVista/Windows7/Windows8
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn't required
Version: Ver1.24

File size: 969.4 MB

Download Harlem with Vampire lord

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