Happy Lesson Series 2 Seasons + 8 OVAs [DVD 480p]


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleHappy Lesson (2002) (a33)
Official Title
TypeTV Series, 13 episodes
Year01.04.2002 until 30.06.2002
SeasonSpring 2002
Tagscomedy, harem, high school, school life

* Happy Lesson was conceived as a mixed media project based on Dengeki G's Magazine's reader-participation game illustrated by Sasaki Mutsumi.

A 15-year-old Hitotose Chitose moves out of the orphanage back to his vacant parents' house and finds himself very alone and unhappy. But when five of his female high school teachers decide to move in with him to become his new mamas, he learns that the chaos of their constant attention and concern change his life for the better, if only to teach him about the very special meaning of being part of a family and enjoying a quiet moment.

Each of his new mothers has something special to share with him; an artistic cosplay princess, a nurturing supportive homeroom mother, a rowdy athletic sports fanatic, a priestess (sword miko) high school nurse mother, and a quiet secretive (possibly mad) science teacher/mother. These five adoptive mothers accept not only Chi-kun, but also his two sisters...

Main TitleHappy Lesson (a598)
Official Title
TypeOVA, 5 episodes
Year19.07.2001 until 23.05.2003
SeasonSummer 2001
Main TitleHappy Lesson Advance (a835)
Official Title
Main TitleHappy Lesson The Final (a2118)
Official Title
TypeOVA, 3 episodes

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