H Game Thread Request Guidelines [IMPORTANT]

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Oct 16, 2010
In the Thread Title, please include the name of the eroge:
ひとづままん!! ~孕んだくノ一妻みごろ~​

In the thread content you should include the following information:
  • Original Title:
  • Romaji:
  • Released Date:
  • Company, Producer:
  • Getchu link:

Original Title: ひとづままん!! ~孕んだくノ一妻みごろ~
Romaji: Hitozumaman!! ~Haranda Kunoichi Tsumamigoro~
Release Date: 2009/08/28
Company, Producer: Swan
Getchu link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=655925
Additionally you can add the VNDB link: http://vndb.org/v2418

  1. Once I've read the thread, I'll post confirming the fact that I've read the thread and I'm looking for your games.
  2. Some games are very hard to come by, the older the games are the harder it gets to be able to find enough seeders and so on. So have patience.
  3. All uploads can be requested on Fileserve, Filesonic or Hotfile.
  4. Once I've uploaded the game, you will find it on the Request tag in the main blog and will also post and update your thread.


After your request has been completed, it will be moved to the filled requests subforum.
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