Gasaraki [Chapter 01-11] [Ongoing]


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Oct 14, 2018

Title: Gasaraki
Other title: Gasaraki
Status: Ongoing
Author: Hajime Yatate, Meimu, Ryosuke Takahashi, Toru Nozaki
Language: ENG
Des: Set in the near-future, a little-understood form of matter known as "Mile One" allows a powerful and influential Japanese family, the Gowa, to produce a bipedal weapon which they refer to as a Tactical Armor (TA). At this time, a war breaks out between the US and the fictional Middle East country of Belgistan, much like the Gulf War. When US military forces attempt to seize the capital, they are systematically wiped out by what appear to be rival TAs. The Gowa Family seizes this opportunity to demonstrate their weapon system, and civilian pilot Yuushiro Gowa and the military squad to which he is attached are deployed to Belgistan. There, he meets rival TA pilot Miharu, with whom he seems to share a deep spiritual bond.
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Six Dance - The Departure: |
Vol.2 Chapter 10: Fifth Dance - Ties: |
Vol.2 Chapter 9: Fourth Dance - The Kugai: |
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Third Dance - The Treasure House: |
Vol.2 Chapter 7: Second Dance - House on fire: |
Vol.2 Chapter 6: First Dance - The Return: |
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Fifth Dance - Contact: |
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Fourth Dance - The Touching: |
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Third Dance - Mirage: |
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Second Dance - The Weather Wheel: |
Vol.1 Chapter 1: First Dance - The Stone Stage: |
Vol.1 Chapter 0: Prologue: |

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