game does not run, even emulating japanese


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Sep 11, 2017
the game is 性器雇用 and i get this error

locale emulator does not work, my pc is set to japanese for non-unicode softwares and still does not work

it's not the first time i meet this problem and i usually solved it with ntlea, but when i try with it nothing happens, no window appear, which is probably because this game is not compatible with windows 10 and newer (i've read it on the download topic in here)

so i installed the game on windows xp and it's still nothing, there ntlea x86 start it but again this windows appear, i wonder if ntlea x86 is as good as x64.

btw, do you guys have any idea about what to do? any solutions that emulate japanese windows better?
Hmm this is some kind of same problem with other game from catwalkNero that i play "Haiboku no Injuu Hunter Hienki Asuka ~Kekkai Gakuen no Wana~" Maybe try use file SiglusEngine.exe create from AlphaROM crack to play the game? It may help?. And yes i use Win10 + Window Language set for Japanese + Time Zone set for Japan.
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In some of my cases, I change the Windows Display Language setting to Japanese, so it boot into Japanese environment. It can be a bit hard to revert it back if you can't read the icon or remember where to change it back. Second, as Scale mentioned, I change the regional format to Japanese. Then, I also change the timezone to Tokyo and Osaka (UTC+9). Lastly, I also use the Japanese language pack. In almost all cases, once you do this four, it will work. In one of my previous games, even the regional format need to be in Japanese for the game to run.
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Hi, :)
You, change Not all, in Japan. Your link mast look like C:Y , if look like C:\ then not Full Japan mode.
Game work on WinXpsp3OriginalJapen perfect, Virtbox V.5.5 (because work 3D in Xp).
P.S game boring.
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I did warn you that there are 2 versions of the file and this is the one that everything works with (for me).
Hi, :) atleast, your brain cells start work, and <You, add file>. Always hate when ppl write, but doing nothing (add file , link, etc.). Thk, for file maybe i check somadays, when games don`t want work.
RealLive & SiglusEngine Region Loader V.
I, have severals, versions on this NoRegion, just stop use it, long ago, and forget about it.

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