FileFactory Download Restriction


Aug 14, 2014
Sorry to bother you but when i try to download an episode from Filefactory this message shows up: "The owner of this file has restricted it to members with an active Premium Account. Please purchase an account to download this file."

From what i've heard it's this happened because the site automaticaly restricted the files to premium only due to a christmas promotion they're doing.
Could you please turn them back to the way they were so that we (non premium users) can download them?

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What a crappy move from them. Guess it's high-time I started looking for replacement hosts. >_>
Anyway, I deactivated it for my account, though you may have to contact other uploaders as well since we have no way to change things for them.
i just hope they only did this for the holiday season and return everything to normal after.
i'll try to contact the other uploaders :)

(it's stupid because they did it without the authorization of the uploaders...)

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