File Checking Corruption


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Jan 10, 2012
Hi there.

Is there a better solution or a software to check files for corruption instead of checking file to file by opening it? I am having a dilemma with this as I've got a lot of movies and other files to recover my hard disk which exceeds by thousands. I'm not quite sure if there are similar post as this.

I hope there is a way to do so.

Thank you.
You gonna need to know the source CRC / md5 (Files signature) to compare against, not something you would have at hands.

The best possible way is to compress the file since compressed has built-in file integrity verification

Another option is to use another FileSystem but it's very complicated.
If you're talking about anime, use AnimeChecker to verify the files. Those that don't have a CRC can be checked against AniDB.

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