English subtitles for Wife-cucking Livestream ~Beautiful Bride Falls Into a Trap~


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Feb 2, 2013

I created english.ass subtitles for voice and text of the 3D Hentai movie Wife-cucking Livestream ~Beautiful Bride Falls Into a Trap~


I made a japanese transcript using the speech to text AI from Amazon Web Services and translated the output into english afterwards. I translated the voice of this video by copy paste the content of the AWS transcript into the online translator or DeepL and sometimes yandex or translate.com (in case the output of DeepL didn't make sense). I tried to compile missing or corrupt parts of the AWS transcribe by myself using Jisho.org. Text was much more simple, I just used google lens for it and inserted the output in DeepL. The translation of all the text in the video is quite relieable but the translation of the voice part is very vulnerable to errors. Amazons transcribe AI is really, really good but on part with lots of backgrounds sound like fapping or moaning the output doesn't always reflect what's really been said.

I couldn't find an online community specialized in subtitles for normal user requests so I'm gonna try my luck here. May one or more persons (with good knowledge of japanese language) revise the incorrect parts of my subtitle file? Primary the voice translation but If wanna have a look at the text part too it would be a nice bonus. My subtitle file is split in two layers. Layer one contains the voice translation and layer two the text translation. Voice and text translation have their own designs to be able to adjust their appearance in one go. I uploaded an archive with the .ass file at mexa.sh.


Wish you all best.

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