1. Madmunchkin

    English subtitles for Wife-cucking Livestream ~Beautiful Bride Falls Into a Trap~

    Hello, I created english.ass subtitles for voice and text of the 3D Hentai movie Wife-cucking Livestream ~Beautiful Bride Falls Into a Trap~ I made a japanese transcript using the speech to text AI from Amazon Web Services...
  2. lucidlies

    吉原彼岸花 - yoshiwara higanbana - translation

    Hey there, I've been learning Japanese on and off for the last ~10 years but I'm looking to get better so I decided to get some practice in and translate an otome. My skills are so-so and I'm no where near being fluent but this community has been amazing and I wanted to give back so here we...
  3. S

    [Futanari] [GapTax] 斬穿姫エクスエル (trial/demo version) English patch/translation

    *Updated* [Futanari] [GapTax] 斬穿姫エクスエル (trial/demo version) English translation Update: GapTax has put it up on their Ci-en page, or you can download it here - 斬穿姫エクスエル (Zansenki Exuer) Hello! I wasn't too sure whether this would be the right place to post this, but the Anime-Sharing forum...
  4. yugifan3

    [English Partial Translation] RPG Maker Games

    Delete this post.
  5. yugifan3

    [English Partial Translation] RPG Maker Games

    Delete this post.
  6. pumasrevenge

    Need help in translating something from Russian to English

    As the title says, I'm looking for someone who can help me/us in translating a few words/sentences from Russian to English. The reason behind this: I'm working on a German translation of a short visual novel. I'm translating from English, but I'm using the Russian scripts (because it's easier)...
  7. [TBF] My RAR Collection Hentai Porno Games (Jap & ENG) ベスト同人アダルトゲーム ❤️

    [Japanese] [TBF] My RAR Collection Hentai Porno Games (Jap & ENG) ベスト同人アダルトゲーム ❤️

    Kawakaburi no Cherry 皮被りのチェリー Censorship : yes Genre : Digital Novel, Animation, Blowjob, Big Tits, Mature, Housewives, Married/Wife Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Size : 329 Mb An elementary schooler Kazuki visits a friend one summer day. Sadly his friend is away...
  8. M

    Cannot get Custom Maid 3d 2 to Translate to English using HF-Patch - Also, Hello!=P

    Howdy, first time posting here. Been having some issues with Custom Maid 3d 2. IT took me 3 days just to find a working version of the 32 bit version of the game. As per the instructions, I downloaded, installed and tested. Game runs as it should in x86 with Japanese Locale. But it seems the HF...
  9. misakilovesu

    Support Beast Master and Prince translation project on kickstarter !!!

    According to Otomate World´s facebook page Beast Master and Prince is now on kickstarter. If they get enough support this game will get translated !! You can donate as much as you want and supporers will get free goodies if the game gets released!
  10. H

    Eroge Fan Translation Team for Cash

    I see on that a few average Eroge Games Dev's become per month pretty much Money Support. Breeding Season for example have round about $41,592.97 Dollar per month, for a little-little-little Team is that so incredible good! I think what we need, are mighty Teams for Eroge Fan...
  11. K

    Is anybody willing to QC the translation I did of the song THX! by Mai Kotouge (C-CLAYS)

    Hello to everyone reading this! I finished my translation of a song called THX!, which is performed by Mai Kotouge and published by C-CLAYS. This song serves as the ED of the Borderline Hentai anime ´Aki Sora: Yume no Naka (あきそら:夢の中; Autumn Sky: In a Dream)`. Now, the thing is, I'd like someone...
  12. K

    Can someone help me with translating these sentences?

    I'm in the process of translating a Visual Novel called 黒姫 (The Black Princess), but I'm having problems with a few sentences thusfar. If someone would be so kind as to translate these for me, I'd be really greatful. I'll also post mine too, though, they'll probably be incorrect. That's why I'm...
  13. C

    English Translation/ Patch for Taima Seikou Alice

    Looking for a english patch or translation of Taima Seikou Alice. Loved the pictures, just wondering if the english text was available. Here is the link to the game...
  14. Murakumo

    How does this sentence translate? (JPN >> ENG)

    "――あなたたちの判断や行動ひとつが 患者さんやご家族の今後や一生を 左右してしまうこともあるのよ。" How does the above Japanese sentence translate best into English, anyone? what is the sentence trying to express??
  15. Murakumo

    How to extract a VN's Script.pak file?

    How can I extract the a visual novel's script file text (Japanese) onto a text document? I want to extract it so I can use it for translation purposes but when I try opening the pak with notepad or Microsoft Word, all I get is mojibake D: Here's a pic of the Script.pak file I'm trying to...
  16. Sir Lancelot Sama

    Sonicomi/Motto Sonicomi Translation project

    Sonicomi/ motto Sonicomi translation project Our goal is to create a fan English translation for Super Sonico games (PC and PS3). Description SoniComi is based on Sonico, an overly busty amateur idol and mascot of Nitroplus, and features players as her cameraman. Naturally as a...
  17. M

    How many people play eroges without using any text-translation programs?

    I'm just curious to know how many of people here on Animesharing plays eroges without using any text-translation programs. So, how many people here play eroges without using any text-translation programs?
  18. I

    Tears to Tiara II: Haô no matsuei [ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ II 覇王の末裔] Translation on youtube

    Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum and hope that i don't go against the rules by posting this (my research didn't bring any resluts on that), but i think it might be of interest for some of you. Let me first introduce myself: I'm German, in my twenties an majored in Japanes studies. After...
  19. S

    little busters ex doki translation project

    when i looked at the site, they only talked about translating the ME version of little busters, are they also translating little busters EX version??
  20. S

    Kud Wafter and little busters ex

    are the translations projects still alive?