[ENG-sub] Ikoku Meiro no Alice-chan[Chapter 01-05] [Ongoing]


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Oct 14, 2018

Title: Ikoku Meiro no Alice-chan
Other title: Ikoku Meiro no Alice-chan
Status: Ongoing
Author: Takeda Hinata, Yuuichi Hayashi
Language: ENG
Des: After Yune returns to Japan, Alice can't seem to forget about her, so she decides to go visit Yune herself! Each chapter in this series features "quickies" that show the daily lives of Alice and Yune having fun being silly in Japan! Each page links to the next in a sequence of events that help build the story as it progresses!
Vol.1 Chapter 5: uploaded.net | rapidgator.net
Vol.1 Chapter 4: uploaded.net | rapidgator.net
Vol.1 Chapter 3: uploaded.net | rapidgator.net
Vol.1 Chapter 2: uploaded.net | rapidgator.net
Vol.1 Chapter 1: uploaded.net | rapidgator.net

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