[Japanese] [Empress] CLEAVAGE [386 mb]


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Mar 26, 2011



File info:
Released Date: 02/18/2005
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
size: 386 mb


enjoy :)
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Haven't tried it yet myself so I can't be much help, you should try asking Joey86...
sorry but i dont know how to use this save
i used power iso to mount it but dont see anyfile

I dunno how works power iso but seriously I advice you to use Daemon Tool with all future games you will deal with.
To use the save you have to install the game first. So amount the iso with Daemon, click the .exe file and install it. Once the game installed then just copy the save data on the folder where you installed the game and click "replace".
Done!! When you start the game you should find all scenes.
Have fun.
Please anyone can re-up this game, I'm looking everywhere for this game, please please
Hi, :)
368151KB Save Inside
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Hi, :)
368151KB Save Inside

Holy moly. Download completed. You have my gratitude.
Lol, im at a dead end. Out of 100+ old game I've installed this is the only one that crash and it crashes every single time before even clicking new game. Tried Win 7 win XP VMs and the results are still the same

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Could you please reupload RJ333938 and RJ01009297 and RJ01029977
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Thanks a ton!
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Could you please reupload RJ236136? Event better.