Eat-Man Season 1 + 2 [BD 720p]


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleEat-Man (a1773)
Official Title
Official Title
TypeTV Series, 12 episodes
Year10.01.1997 until 28.03.1997
SeasonWinter 1996/97
Tagsaction, gunfights, manga, science fiction, shounen, super power

Meet Bolt Crank, mercenary extraordinaire, and the man who eats metal! Through his travels, he stops along the way to make a few bucks and occasionally rescue damsels in distress. His taste for metal gives him quite an edge as he becomes capable of generating an assortment of weapons from his hand! It's a strange ability, but it seems to come in handy, so to speak. Bolt has an edge over his adversaries, but will that be enough?

Box Folder 01 - ss1
Box Folder 02 - ss2

i didnot mux the sub... doubt anyone will download this though

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