Bug duplicates at the time of publication


Sep 21, 2013
If I have 1 second left before time runs out (after the last post in the thread https://www.anime-sharing.com/forums/hentai-games-request.39/)

I have 2 postings appear for some reason.

Please either introduce a timer how much time is left until the next publication (but it will be a load on the server) or fix this trigger.

This is the second time I've had to delete duplicate posts.
Can you tell me how to reproduce?

1. I'm publishing in the hentai-games-request section.
2. A timer of 30 seconds between publications is activated
3. only it says wait 1 second, after 1-2 seconds I click publish (I get 2 publications instead of 1).

This has not happened in other sections so far.

The 3rd time it happens again, I won't delete it anymore. To be able to try to find the failure (I have a suspicion on the service that you use against DOS attacks because I have already had 10 times when the site was unavailable "with the message 502 error bad gateway").

And the site was unavailable for various times from 5 to 10 minutes.
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And the site was unavailable for various times from 5 to 10 minutes.
There are various reason for this to happen in the past few hours (or days) as I'm optimizing TCP push. Also I'm rotating upstream provider to determine some throttling.

Whatever you're observing may happen during the blackout/switch/network re-route

As for 3), it doesn't work that way, must be something else.
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and one motherboard in a load balancing server went kaput today. So many crap happening. Thankfully we have fail-overs
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Have you noticed that you are the only person who reported such problem?

For a forum of this size, it's rather incredible that you are the only person who have this issue.
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If I was lucky enough to hit the 3.75% defective ryzen 5950 (which were brought to my country, and there were tens of thousands of them at least) = official manufacturer statistics.
No surprise if I was "lucky" to get a bug again here too.

My task is accomplished. The bug happened and i was reported.
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