Christmas Erection (mom/son(11), incest, reluctance, cuck, Saturnalia)


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Mar 2, 2021
Christmas Erection
by DiscipleN

[I don't write many winter solstice stories, especially months afterwards. But this tale came to me from out of the blue, and I'm eager to share its silliness.]

Christmas porn must piss off lots of people in the western world. It's easy to see how mom-son porn would be considered especially blasphemous during the celebration of a holy child's birth.

And yet, without the blessing of the man who the child became, his religion chose a pagan rite of the winter solstice for his birth celebration - even though his scripture implies that he was born in the spring!

Well I was certainly no holy child, nor do I any longer have an affinity for that religion, but when I read about Saturnalia, I thought it was the best porn I'd ever read! Okay, so maybe I read about that festival on a porn story website, instead of Wikipedia, but that's how I rolled in the years that followed my story of when I was eleven years old.

My mother nurtured a conservative, traditional Christmas in our home in my early years. My father wasn't against it. He enjoyed his childhood, Protestant celebrations. He was against religion however, and had reached an agreement with Mother about my spiritual upbringing.

It was modeled after how Brazil constrained missionaries around tribal cultures in modern times. They could read religious texts, but weren't allowed to preach. They specifically weren't allowed to BUY converts - with food or goods considered valuable to the hosting peoples.

I enjoyed listening to bible stories that Mommy would read to me in my bed. She always looked so pretty in her nightgown. Sometimes she mentioned that Daddy didn't want her to read the book in their bed. I loved her attention and company!

One night when Momma was reading the story of the manger and the visiting magi, I asked her, "Was Santa one of them?" I figured, because Santa brought gifts to kids, maybe he was there.

"I don't think so, but that would have been nice, huh?" Mommy was always fun to talk with about the stories she read. She wasn't anything like the Puritans you hear about during Thanksgiving!

Not long before the Christmas of my eleventh year, I wrote a letter to Santa. I was just old enough to have heard friends my age whisper that Santa might not be real. Some of them suggested that their parents read their letters and put under their tree, presents they had signed Santa's name to. I was quite alarmed by the prospect!

Daddy had taught me the way to discover, what was true in the world, could be figured out by performing experiments. He even told me about how important it was to isolate experiments from something he called external variables. Fortunately I was a pretty bright kid and understood those to mean things that might get in the way of truth, like parents.

So I wrote a letter to Santa and hand delivered it to the mailman, without telling Mommy or Daddy. It read something like:

Dear Santa,

I love my Mommy so much! Please give me a present that she will like to play with too.

It's important because some kids say you aren't real! I didn't tell my parents what I want. Please be real.

Arnie (11 years old)

I figured, by letting Santa choose the actual present, I could be sure it was him if Mommy liked it too! He had watched her as a kid, long ago, right?

Early, on Christmas morning, I was too excited for Santa's present. I got out of bed at dawn and scampered to our brightly lit and decorated, fake tree. Daddy doesn't like cut trees which can't be replanted after Christmas. Mom disagreed, saying that tree farms were no different than any other farmed crop, but she let Daddy have his way. She doesn't like to argue, and I love that about her. Of course it meant that I have to be extra nice when I disagree with her.

To keep from waking my parents, I got a flashlight and looked at all the presents. Sure enough I saw a couple presents from Santa! I so wanted to open them, but I didn't want to get scolded, and it was more fun to open them with Mommy and Daddy, anyway.

I went to their room, to see if they might be awake. I heard their voices, but they weren't happy ones. I put my ear to their door.

"I'm sorry, Honey. Maybe it was the wine last night."

"It's okay, Dear, but I was looking forward to my favorite, Christmas present in bed."

"Do you think Arnie's up?" Dad seemed eager to change their conversation.

"Yes. I'm worried he might have opened his gifts. He's been asking a lot about what Santa might bring him."

"But it's odd that he didn't write a letter this year."

"My little boy is growing up." Mom sounded a little sad.

"He'll always be a joy for you, no matter how old he gets" Daddy assured her.

"He was the best present you ever gave to me." Mom giggled.

"Well - its not like I won't be trying to give you another, later." Dad's hopefulness surged.

Then I heard sounds of him getting out of bed. Dad's bigger and heavier than mom, so I could tell.

I ducked into my room and changed out of my pajamas.

"Whoa." I stopped still after pushing down my flannel bottoms. My pee pee got hard sometimes, but on that Christmas morning it looked really different, big!

The first time I got an erection, I went to Mommy and showed it to her. She glanced at it and said it was perfectly normal, and if I wanted she would buy me underwear more suitable to a growing boy. She didn't make a big deal about it, and neither did I.

It didn't take me long to discover how fun it was to rub when it got hard. That gave me wonderful sensations, and sometimes I felt like I was going to burst on the inside. It felt so good!

I asked Daddy about it, and he didn't make a big deal about it. "I do it too, but don't be a show off about it, okay? It feels best when you do it in private" I got his meaning, not that I was jerking my pee pee in front of him. It was just hard inside my pants when I asked.

What I saw on that Christmas morning made me rethink everything that my parents had told me. The hard pee pee standing up from my groin was the size of a large pickle! Maybe I hadn't noticed that it had been growing. The last time I rubbed it was a couple weeks earlier. I suddenly wished I had taken Mommy's offer to buy roomier underwear!

Not only was it large, but I sensed that playing with it would feel better than ever before. I probably would have done just that, it being so early, but my mind was too keen on Santa's presents.

Daddy spoke softly from outside my door. "Arnie, you left a flashlight under the tree and forgot to turn it off.

Oops. "Sorry, Daddy."

"I'm going to start making a special breakfast, but it'll take me a while. There's no hurry. Then, after we eat, we'll open those presents. How about that?"

Suddenly, I was almost as hungry as I was eager to see what Santa had brought. "Okay."

I hurried to finish dressing, tugging up my little trousers, buttoning but forgetting to zip them. I threw on a shirt just as quickly and dashed out of my room.

I knocked gently at Mommy's door. "Can I come in?"

There was a soft swish, and Mommy made a strange sound, something like a gasp and something like a sigh, mixed together. After a second, she told me. "It's okay, Arnie."

I found her sitting up in bed. The nightstand light was on, even though dawn had broken a little bit ago. The sky outside was clear and getting brighter. We don't get snow very often at Christmas. Mom was wearing another pretty nightgown, light green. It and her blushing face made me think that she was the picture perfect, Christmas mommy.

I scurried to my parents' bed. "You're red, Mommy. Do you feel okay?" I climbed in on Daddy's side, under the covers. I wanted to cuddle. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas to you, Sweetheart. Mommy's just a little warm." She reached around my back and tugged me closer. Her hand felt a little weird, though. Even through my shirt, it felt kinda sticky! "Come here and hug Mommy." She sounded sad again. "Soon, you're going to be too big to cuddle with me. You'll want to hug girls your own age."

"Yuck!" I told her and put my arms around her. I hugged my face to her soft boobs. "You're much prettier than girls!"

"Aww, I think you're very handsome, Honey. Sometimes maybe a little too charming." Her voice brightened. That made me happy.

Our mutual joy paused at the moment when the head of my penis touched her thigh closest to me. Our eyes widened.

"Did you forget to zip up?" She scolded me gently.

My lips puckered, guilty. I was equally surprised that my pee pee hadn't touched her pretty nightgown but her bare thigh! I blushed then, feeling quite stupid.

Without a care, Mommy reached under the covers and felt for my zipper. Her hand first pressed my escaped peter back into my trousers but then halted.

"Oh, my." She said softly. She looked puzzled. "Is that really..." Her voice trailed off. She patted the length of the bulge in my trousers and muttered, "That can't be."

Worry crossed her lovely face.

"What's the matter, Mommy?"

"Um-" She looked concerned for me. "May I look at your penis, Arnie?"

"Uh, okay." I started to worry. What was wrong with my pee pee? Was it sick, and that's why it was so big? I almost felt like crying.

Mom lifted the covers and folded them down the bed. This exposed not only my mostly tucked away penis but also the truth about the lower half of Mommy's nightgown. For some reason she had raveled the long dress up and around her waist. I could see everything!

Actually, I had seen both my parents nude on occasion. They never made a big deal about it. I hadn't imagined there might be a reason to, until that Christmas morning. "Gosh, Mommy. You must be really hot." I pointed at her tangle of pubic hair. At the narrow end of it, some of the hairs glistened as if damp.

"I'm fine, Arnie. I just want to see that you're fine too. Mom then unbuttoned my trousers and bent the front flaps away from my underwear. My big, Christmas boner had snaked through the gap in my tighty-whities. If she hadn't felt it earlier, its half covered appearance wouldn't have looked odd.

She didn't say it, but upon touching the abnormal size of my penis' head, she was compelled to examine it. She gently extracted my thick shaft from my briefs and pushed them away.

"Arnie, did you get hurt here?" She let go, and it wobbled upwards.

"No, Mommy, but it sure is big!" I felt her concern and was infected by it.

"Goodness." She murmured. "It's nearly the size of his Fath-" She cleared her throat. "Did you bump it into anything?"

"No, Mommy. I saw it like that this morning when I took off my jammies."

"Can I touch it?"

"Okay." Actually, I had wanted to touch it when I saw it, but I thought that it was best to bring the problem to my parents. Mommy just happened to be closest. That she also wanted to touch it, made me less worried.

First she lightly brushed her hand against my erection. It twitched at her soft touch. Her hand leaped away. "Did that hurt?"

"No." I was staring at Mommy's slightly damp crotch hair. Something about it made my penis pulse at its base.

She then took my unusually large pee pee into her left hand and barely squeezed it. Her left hand wasn't sticky at all. "How does that feel?"

I blushed then. "It feels kinda good Mommy." In fact, her hand felt much better wrapped around my dick than my hands ever did.

Mom's face sorta blanked out when I said that. I'd never seen her look like that. I didn't learn until much later that a little voice in her head told her, "It's a Christmas miracle!" To this day, I think she thought it was Santa's voice.

"Um, Mommy, do you think you could rub it a little? I'd really like that."

She blinked at me, but the rest of her face remained blank. Her head slowly nodded. Her hand squeezed my stiff peter a little harder and started rubbing up and down my new, big pee pee! "Stop me if it hurts."

"Oh, gosh, thank you, Mommy!"

"Shhh, Sweetheart. Let's not make Daddy worry, now." She hushed me. Her hand moved lovingly along the length of my Christmas boner.

I remember how Daddy sounded sad, just before getting out of bed. "Is Daddy okay? Don't you and him stay in your room for a long time on Christmas morning?"

Mommy sounded a little angry. "It's not a normal Christmas for him." She smiled at me. "But today isn't special to his spirit, unlike you and I." Her hand gripped a little tighter.

"That feels really special, Mommy. Thank you."

"Uh," Her face woke abruptly. Her eyes bulged for a second, and her rubbing hand released me. "Sorry, Arnie. I shouldn't have done that!"

"Shhh, Mommy." I hushed her. To me she looked and sounded a little lost. I suddenly wanted to show her how much I loved her. Our half hug wasn't enough. Without asking, I scooted to her side and then climbed on top of her!

Mom's legs beneath me, clamped together before I was fully on her. "What are you doing?" My arms reached around her veiled mounds, and I pressed the right side of my head between them. "I love you, Mommy." My rigid penis rested in the shallow groove of her clamped thighs.

"U-uh, th-that's very sweet, Honey. But you don't have to lie on me."

"Don't you love me?" I asked, despite how much I knew better.

Whatever troubled her, subsided a little. "You know I love you." She returned my hug gingerly.

"Yeah, but I really liked how you rubbed my pee pee. Didn't you like it?"

"Yes- I mean no. I probably won't do it again. I was just a little confused about why it's like that." She still sounded confused.

"It's real big today." I nodded between her chest mounds.

Mom sighed a puzzled sigh. She patted my head with one hand and rested the other around my back. She whispered to herself. "Please, let him be okay." It sounded like prayer.

I tried to lighten the mood. "How does this feel?" Playfully, I rubbed my hard pee pee up and down the shallow groove between her clamped thighs. "Better?" I smiled up at her.

Her body tensed then. "Please don't do that, Honey."

"You don't like it at all?" I was confused.

She must have sensed that. "I just don't want it -- like that." Abruptly she bit her lower lip after adding the last bit.

"I can do better, Mommy." Having experimented over the last year, I'd learned rubbing my pee pee really fast felt much better! I began pumping my hips quickly, dredging the groove rapidly with my now even harder penis!

Her body rocked from my energetic motions, and the straps of her nightgown shifted down her arms. I wanted very much to kiss her, but I was too short to reach her cheeks.

"Arnie, you mustn't do that." She was talking about me rubbing her, but she didn't try to stop me, and my penis was feeling happier and stronger with each pump of my hips!

In a flash of inspiration, I pulled down the top of Mommy's loose nightgown and began kissing the swells of her breasts. "Please don't stop me Mommy. I think you like it too."

"Arnie..." She whined. Her left hand lightly swatted my back while her right one tried to still me. I felt her thighs loosen a bit. "Be careful what you're kissing there." She warned, but then she offered. "If you stop rubbing yourself on me, you can move up and kiss me on the cheeks. I'll hug you nicely and kiss your cheeks."

I loved Mom's kisses especially when she hugged her big chest against mine, but I had never felt as good as rubbing on her that Christmas morning. "I like doing this Mommy. I'll kiss you there, later." Her warning to be careful about what I was kissing made me study her round, full breasts more closely. I saw two dark nubs poking up through her thin gown. I knew what they were. I didn't think of them as being anything special, because I had them too. However, I'd never seen them up close, and they looked much larger and firmer than my little nipples had ever been.

Feeling naughtier, I pulled her gown further down to reveal more, especially her dark nipples which were the size of the tip of my index finger! She was not pleased by my extra naughtiness.

"No, Arnie, I told you-!" Her lips clamped shut when I gave her right nipple a hearty peck and drawn-out smooch! She squeaked. "Nngghh, not there!"

Lying half naked on top of my nearly naked mother, gave me a neat advantage. I could feel her body writhe and shudder as I hunched my randy peter along the crevice between her thighs which relaxed somewhat. Mom's involuntary motions, considered with the sounds she made, despite her protests, I decided that she didn't really want me to stop. She had yet to actually say it, too.

The impish nature of an eleven year old boy resisted her pleas to stifle my passion. I deliberately swiveled my head and took her other nipple into my mouth and gave it a longer sucking smooch! I scooted up her body a little to give my head a better angle, which accidentally allowed the head of my pee pee to rub into the crinkly hairs of her loins. I shuddered then. It was a thrilling addition to the sensation of humping against her shaved legs.

"Uunnggh." Her body shuddered again. I didn't know, but she was thinking if only she'd finished what she was doing before I intruded, she would be in a better mood to resist my innocent efforts. That's how much she missed Daddy's attentions on her special morning. "Arnie, you can't be doing this to me, I'm your mother!" She slapped my back a little harder.

"I'm just rubbing myself, Mommy - and kissing you! You said you liked my kisses!" I kept slowly smooching her thick, pert nipples, alternating between them and grinning up at her, between kisses. My pee pee was feeling so good!

"Mmmmnnnn." She whined again, then unexpectedly her slapping hand flew to my head as I sucked one of her boob buttons for its next smooch! "OOGGGHHH!!" Mommy cried out, her body convulsed, not too loudly and not too tempestuously. It wasn't a full climax, although at the time I couldn't discern one of her peaks from another. I only knew that instead of spanking my back lightly, she was hugging me to her tasty tit! be continued...
As a result of her peak moment, Mommy's clamped legs lost more strength, and my frantic peter sank lower between her thighs. The head of my dick knocked against something less hairy and more rubbery. It felt as if my mother had a third nipple between her legs!

She convulsed again when my firm pee pee bumped against her hidden button. "ARNIE!" She blurted before freeing my head and stuffing her fist into her mouth. "You're getting too close! I can't let you- Ooohh!!" I had bumped her lower bump again.

Her thighs relaxed once more after a brief tensing during her moan. My dick felt like it was being swallowed by them. The tip discovered something more amazing. A strange, warm wetness enveloped its bulbous head as it repeatedly knocked on Mommy's groin. "Are you peeing, Mommy?" I slowed my hips and almost stopped, worried that she might wet her bed.

It was a tipping point. I didn't know how close she was to climaxing. Mom hesitated before answering. "I can't lie, Arnie. Mommy's not peeing, it's a special liquid to help what you're doing down there, but you need to stop. The liquid is supposed to be for your father only. Please think of your Daddy. He wouldn't like what you're doing."

I loved Daddy, and I still do. He was kind and helpful, always looking out for me, and he only gave me time-outs when I was naughty. More than one kid I knew said they got spanked really hard, when they did the same things. I felt sorry for them. Still, my pee pee was too close to getting that super special feeling! "I'll hurry, Mommy. Please don't tell Daddy. I'll be really good for the rest of the day." Promising that, I sped up even faster than before. The juice from Mommy's secret button made my pee pee wonderfully slick! I was soon very close to an orgasm, and it felt like it would be a big one!

"Please be quick." Mommy whispered again as if she was praying. I shifted up her body to hear better.

Suddenly, my world turned upside down! My fat pee pee, instead of bumping into her lower, sensitive nub, dove between the flesh of her groin, as if she had lips down there! I was humping so frantically, almost an inch of my rutting shaft penetrated those lips before the tip halted against what felt like a bone! It shocked me.

She cried out, fist still muting her voice. "NOOOO!!!! Arnieee!" And her hips bucked up, dislodging me from her body's incredible entrance but not off of her.

"What happened, Mommy? Did I hurt you?" I looked down at my penis to see if there was blood, but there was just lots of her special liquid coating its front.

She craned her neck to look down her body. "No. You didn't, Honey, but you surprised me. You nearly pushed into my va-" She bit into her fist. "Into a very private place, where you mustn't go." Her voice shifted into a lecture.

"What is Mommy? Please tell me." My jaw hung open, waiting for the answer. "I didn't know you had anything like that down there." Somewhat relieved and stimulated by intense curiosity, I allowed my erection to nestle back between her thighs, my pee pee head resting on her hairy patch like a pillow.

She whimpered when my pee pee sank once more between her loose thighs. She breathed deeply and quickly. "Honey, Mommy will tell you about it later. I won't tell Daddy if you let me go. I need to wash and get ready for-

"OOohh - noooo, Arnie." Mom sang when I resumed, slowly humping her. I knew it wasn't nice of me, but I had a notion that when I was rubbing my pee pee along her body, especially when it bumped her secret place, her complaints lost their strength. Also, I hadn't yet got the super good feeling I still desired. I had been so close! Upon discovering there was more to her groin than a sensitive bud, and after freaking out a little, the heat in my loins diminished.

Now I was rebuilding those good feelings and hopefully at the same time, soothing my mother's resistance. "This feels good to you, right Mommy?" I was careful to bump her secret bud gently with each stroke. I resumed kissing her titty's nipples, but it was more like I was sucking on them.

"Honeeey, I can't tell you that. Mommies aren't supposed to like this when their sons are doing it." Saying it that way kept her from lying to me. I loved how Mommy honesty. I wished I could be that good, but sometimes I fibbed when I thought I could get away with it.

Freeing my mouth from her breasts while my wet willy sluiced between her thighs, I offered her an escape from guilt. "You said I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I can't help myself, Mommy. It feels too good! I'm sure it's okay for you, because it's my fault, not yours. I'll take the blame. I'll even tell Daddy - to protect you.

"No no no, please don't tell him, Arnie." Mommy understood I was in no way trying to blackmail her. I didn't even know what that was, but she of course feared how my father might react. "Just finish quickly, like you promised." She used both arms to hug me as my body rocked upon hers. The bed danced beneath us.

She wasn't the only one to feel guilt. I knew I was doing bad. I had also promised to be a good boy afterwards. I just couldn't understand how something that felt this good could be bad? My heart told me that I should be respecting Mommy by stopping and leaving, but that was impossible against the lust drowning that same heart. I quickened my pace, rubbing and rubbing. More of Mommy's special juice made her thighs very wet and slippery!

She gave up lecturing and whining but held me warmly and mewled like a timid kitty. I moaned into her cleavage as heat built up in my senses again. The imp in my nature led me farther astray by whispering in the back of my mind. "You're already doing wrong, Arnie. Just a little more shouldn't matter much."

My curiosity about the lips just below her secret nipple, returned tenfold. I had to know! To avoid hurting either of us, I slowed my next backwards rub, lifted my hips to angle my rigid member down, and pushed my pee pee right through her wet crevice!

"OOOOHH, ARNIE!" Mommy gasp through clenched teeth. "Nooooo!!" Her hug instinctively squeezed with all her strength.

This time, instead of colliding with a bone, the slick end of my pee pee found an even stranger, soft divot of flesh behind the furry lips! Before I could stop to figure it out, my careful push spread wide apart, the double-secret entrance of her body. Three inches of fat peter sank heavily into it. "OHH, MOMMMY! What is that?" I cried.

The divot resisted but also accepted my pressing member. It felt like it was hugging my pee pee as firmly as Mommy was hugging me! It felt so amazing, nothing would have stopped me from hunching my hips fully and driving the rest of my young cock into my mother's body!

"Aaawww, Please NO, God!" She wailed. Yet she continued to hold me tight. Mommy started shuddering and wouldn't stop. The secret hole hugging my full pee pee, abruptly rippled along it as if trying to suck my peter deeper.

Her shaking, gripping flesh tripped the last, erotic switch in my head, and skyrockets soared, burning the jet fuel of pleasure! "OH, MOMMY, I'm feeling it!!!" Then I started shaking on top of her. Our bodies slapped and smacked against each other, as our individual throes clashed.

If that wasn't the most insane moment of my life, one final, incredible thing occurred! The base of my penis pulsed from the orgasmic spasms rocking Mommy and I. Suddenly I felt jets of thick pee shooting into her amazing body. I was so overwhelmed with joy, I didn't care right away. My mind had given up on reality. That new sensation, of spilling hot juice deep into Mommy, sustained my most intense climax ever.

My mother's eyes flashed wide open! "No, Arnie, y-you can't have-" She pulled a fist back to her mouth. "You're too young!" She complained, but her body continued to shake and twitch. "Nooo, not that..." Tears came to her eyes and dripped down the sides of her face. "Your father was supposed-" A sob interrupted. "...this Christmas morning." Slowly her full body spasms ended.

Mine gave way to a growing awareness that I had made her cry.

Neither her sadness, nor my expanding guilt prevented additional pulses of thick pee shooting from the tip of my deeply embedded peter. "Oh, Mommy, I can't stop my pee!" I wanted to cry then.

She stopped sobbing for a moment and continued to hold me tight, having guessed what was distressing me. "It's not pee, Honey." She sniffed back pending tears. "It's like Mommy's special liquid, but even more special." Her voice was deliberately absent of blame. "Haven't you ever released your special liquid before when you rubbed your penis and got the good feeling?"

Was I supposed to have - before doing it inside Mommy's body? "No, Mommy, this is the first time."

A confident voice in her head whispered, "Another Christmas miracle."

The seeming flood from my softening peter, dwindled to a trickle and soon ceased to empty inside my mother.

"Now you have to get off of me, Arnie." Her voice was firm again, like a strong Mommy. Despite her assurances, guilt swarmed through lingering vapors of pleasure. I slowly disengaged, not sure of what would happen when my pee pee exited her loins.

Both of us moaned when the head plopped out of her moist puss. A minor tremor shook us as we escaped that very naughty embrace. Just as Mommy said, a thick fluid, white, very unlike pee, dripped from the secret lips along her groin. I scrambled off of her body, so she could deal with it or show me how to.

"What should I do?" I asked ignorantly, wanting only to help, laying on my side facing her from Daddy's side of the bed.

"I'll take care of it, Sweetheart." Mom grabbed the hem of her gown from around her waist and soaked up the dripping, extra special fluid. "I have to wash now. You go to the hall bathroom and wipe your penis. Then go to the table and wait for breakfast. If Daddy asks what took you so long, tell him that I was answering your questions about bodies."

I bit my lip, suddenly afraid of my father. Still I obeyed her and climbed out of their bed while she scooted off of it and walked awkwardly to their private bath while pressing a bunch of her gown between her thighs.

Head down, I eventually arrived at the dining table.

"It's going to be a wonderful day, Son. Looking forward to opening presents?" Daddy tended not to say the word Christmas.

"Um, yeah, Daddy." I tried to sound enthusiastic when actually I was feeling even more guilty.

He never did ask why I was late to the table. Usually, when he made a family meal, he had me help with various things like cutting vegetables and microwaving packaged foods. What he did ask, cut like a knife!

"I heard your mother yell your name, Arnie. Were you doing something naughty?" Daddy didn't sound like he was going to punish me.

"Yes, Daddy." I almost cried. Part of me wanted to tell him and atone for my crime. Most of me was too scared to say anything else.

He noticed in a heartbeat. "Well, today is special, I guess. I won't ask what it was. I assume Mother dealt with it appropriately.

There had been nothing appropriate about it. I reached that conclusion, suddenly more afraid for Daddy than of him.

Mommy exited the hall, wearing a bathrobe. "What are you two talking about?" She gave a brave smile.

"Presents." Dad chuckled. "Is there anything you want to tell me -- now that that word got our little boy's attention?"

"Yes." Mom's veiled concern lightened. "I think we might need to stop calling Arnie, little." Her suggestion surprised me and soothed some of my guilt.

"Really?" Daddy scooped waffles onto a heated platter. "Get the syrup out of the pan of water, Arnie. Careful, it's hot."

He carried the platter to the table while I rushed to get a pot holder and extract the bottle of pure maple from the steaming pot.

Daddy whispered a question to Mommy. I only caught that it was a question.

She answered, loudly. "Yes, Arnie was a very naughty boy this morning, but I think we settled the matter sufficiently. And he promised to be good for the rest of the day.

"Thanks for asking, My Love." She kissed his lips.

Daddy simply nodded and went to fetch a plate of hot, turkey sausage. Mom fetched a bowl of sliced, fresh fruit. I returned to the table and set the hot bottle of syrup on the pot holder and sat down.

They soon joined me, and we all shared breakfast after Mommy blessed the food.

Mommy soon excused herself, having eaten two waffles with fruit but no syrup. She went to their room and by the time Daddy and I had cleaned up the table and kitchen, she returned wearing her Christmas dress. It was a lovely thing that made her look like an old time TV mom. But instead of black and white, the skirt was bright red and her blouse was a silky, shimmering white with gold highlights. The hem of her dress was trimmed with gold. My heart beat three times faster when she glided out of the hall!

Daddy gave a little growl when he saw her. "I should take you back into our room and double check that you're wearing it the best way."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Daddy, but given your approving growl, I wouldn't want to wear it any differently." Mommy rarely called him Daddy. She was just being silly, I told myself, but then I noticed that my pee pee had gotten real hard again! However, the amazing time we'd shared earlier was sufficient to avoid further naughtiness. I pinched myself and remembered I had promised to be good, all day. My Christmas erection, however, would not relent.

Exactly as Daddy had predicted, the rest of that Christmass day was wonderful! The only exceptions were my two gifts from Santa. One was a remake, handheld video game machine, with thirty classic games. I didn't know any of them, but Daddy assured me they were the best from that era. Mommy only feigned interest.

The second present was a new outfit for special occasions, like weddings and the separate business parties they hosted. Every year, for as long as I remember, Santa always gave one present of clothes. Those were okay, I guess, but my presents from Mommy and Daddy were way more fun! Mommy said that Santa was making sure that I got something that I needed, as well as something that I wanted.

"Thank you, Santa." I said politely. My heart weakened. None of his presents were something that Mommy and I could enjoy together. Perhaps he wasn't real at all - like some of the kids I knew, had said.

Daddy sighed. "You're raising a good son, Mother."

"So are you, My Love." Mommy smiled the kind that sympathized.

We spent that afternoon, volunteering at a homeless shelter. I helped Mommy and other volunteers to make dinners. Daddy was one of the people who served the dinner to men and women and kids who rarely got presents on Christmas. That's what he told me.

Out of respect for those unfortunates, Mommy fixed a light supper of sandwiches and oranges once we returned home. Between bites and chews, we sat around our fake tree's brilliance, having turned off the house's lights. We listened to and sang non-secular, holiday songs, so Daddy would feel included. I discovered that my previous, though limited, interest in Christian music had waned considerably. I leaned against Daddy and belted out the songs he preferred during the holiday.

After we had finished eating and put our dishes in the washer, Mommy and Daddy said I could watch shows until nine, two hours later than usual. They asked me not to disturb them, unless it was important. I was old enough to understand they needed alone time, together.

In those last hours of Christmas' night, I wondered if what they did in their room had anything to do with the special liquids that a man and woman created in their bodies. My curiosity ended immediately. The very idea made me feel a little sick to my stomach.

I wanted to watch one more episode of my favorite show when our digital clock displayed 9:00. But I had promised to be a good boy for the rest of the day. I shut off our media devices and trundled off to bed.

After donning my pajamas, I sat on the edge of my bed and tapped through Christmas photos which Daddy had taken and forwarded to my simple, computer tablet. Mommy looked so pretty in her Christmas dress! She had worn a large apron over it while working in the volunteer kitchen.

I felt a little embarrassed to have worn my Christmas suit at Mommy's behest. I swiped quickly through those photos.

Before I finished swiping there came a tapping at my door. "Sweetie?" Mommy asked. "Would you like me to read to you?"

This was yet another, unknown event for a Christmas evening. My heart leaped within my chest. "Sure!" I called to her.
She opened the door quietly and entered. "Shhh, Arnie. Your father took a sleeping pill, but let's be careful not to disturb him anyway." She carried a book behind her. I saw it when she turned to close the door. It wasn't her bible, but I didn't care, because, surprise of surprises, Mommy was still wearing her Christmas dress!

I scooted along the edge of my bed to make room for her. She walked up smiling, a smile I had never seen before. It seemed genuine and forced at the same time. My wonderful Christmas day was taking a new turn for the weird. What wasn't weird, was when my pee pee twitched in my pants. It had been erect nearly all day!

Mommy sat beside me and revealed her book, "Bodies in Transformation." The cover had nice drawings of a boy and a girl posed like cut-out paper dolls. They didn't look like brother and sister. They stood apart as if unaware of each other.

Because it was story time, although the book didn't look at all like a storybook, I turned on the lamp next to my bed, got up, turned off the room light and sat back beside Mommy. "What kind of book is it?"

"It's a book for answering your questions, Arnie."

"My questions?"

"Yes." She nodded slowly. "This morning I promised to answer your questions-" She cleared her throat. "About what we did."

Ooohhh. I didn't say it.

"We were both very naughty, Arnie, but I forgive you, because you don't know enough about what we were doing. It's time for you to learn about sex properly. Did you know that what we did is called sex?"

"I had heard the word, sometimes from adults who never explained it, but more often from kids at school who made the word sound like the worst thing!"

I felt awful, remembering their vivid explanations. "I'm sorry, Mommy!" I assumed that sex referred to my crime of ignoring Mom's wishes while I took pleasure from her.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, Sweetie." She put an arm around me and hugged me close. "This is my fault, because long ago, I convinced your father to avoid talking about sex until you were old enough to understand it and treat it with respect."

I silently chastised myself for having greatly disrespected her that morning.

"I know now that we should have been explaining sex to you much earlier." She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "In return for your father's repression of sexual information, I promised that I would answer any earnest question that you had." She paused for another sigh.

"But you didn't have many questions about sex, because you didn't know what to ask about. Father was sure that you would encounter strange things on the internet, despite computer filters." She kissed the top of my head. "I don't think you ever did."

"But I've seen lots of weird things on the net, Mommy. Spaceships that talked, dinosaurs that talked, spatulas that talked-"

Her hand holding the book dropped it on the bed and she hugged me with both arms. "You dear, sweet son of mine!"

My nose poked into the blouse's conservatively cut neckline which showed less than an inch of cleavage. Mommy smelled a little odd, not sweet like she looked but real interesting. She let go, leaving me a little dazed, and picked up the book.

White noise grew in my ears, a breeze which became a strong wind. My heartbeat quickened. It was my penis which commanded my attention. It commanded me to gaze longingly at Mommy in her beautiful, Christmas dress.

"...the male genitals are properly called a penis and testicles. You know that already." She had begun reading from the book. "During puberty, a young boy experiences..." Her voice got lost in the wind rushing across my ears.

I reached out, and my fingers grasped the top button of her gold trimmed, white blouse.

"Honey, are you listening?"

"No, Mommy. I want you to show me." I had only a little trouble extracting the button from its eye hole.

"Please, Sweetheart, no. That's not what I came here for." When she tried to brush my hand away, the book slipped off of her lap and fell to the floor, bending several pages.

For some unfathomable reason, perhaps it was how she smelled, I believed that this was exactly what she had come for. If I was wrong, I would pay any price afterwards. "I want to ask questions, but you got to let me see. You told me that I don't know what to ask. What kind of answers can a book give when what I really want to know about is you!"

"Arnie, you promised you would be good."

"I was good, Mommy, all day long, but now it's night." I unfastened a second button. "Help me." I told her.

I didn't see her bite her lip, but seconds after prompting her. Mom's hands fiddled at the lowest button of her blouse. "I'm sorry, Arnie. I can't help myself, this time."

It didn't take long for the flaps of her blouse to part and reveal her taut, slim tummy and a pure white bra. Mommy doesn't wear them much. Her big boobs don't sag at all. However, to wear her Christmas dress properly, she needed a bra. Although I had seen Mom and Dad nude on rare occasions, I had seen her wearing a bra even less often and always paired with plain, large panties.

I reached for the center strap between the bra's cups. "How do I take this off?"

"This bra unclasps from the back strap, Honey." She then reached behind herself and fiddled with that strap. After a couple seconds of me staring at the bra, its sturdy cups loosened and hung lower on her breasts.

"These are your mother's breasts, Arnie." Her hand returned to her front and she lifted the cups up to her neck. Her chin held them there. She looked very serious. "The dark circles are called, areola, and the protruding nubs are called nipples."

"Why, Mommy, why do ladies have them and not men?"

"Well, there's a complicated answer, but for now it's enough to say that a woman's breasts are more capable of generating milk for babies."


She smiled, not belittling me at all. "When a baby is born, it has to rely on special nutrition that only occurs in its mother's breasts." She frowned for a second. "There are substitutes, sold in grocery stores, but scientists have discovered that the best thing to feed babies is real mother's milk."

"Can I have some?" I licked my lips. I had sucked on her nipples that morning, but didn't taste anything except her skin. Perhaps there was another place on her breasts that gave milk. I was learning that ladies had a lot of special places!"

"Not any more, Sweetie. I'm afraid that when you stopped feeding from my breasts, they soon stopped producing milk."

"How old was I?"

"I breast fed you until you were nearly five years old. I wanted to stop much earlier, but your father insisted that the longer I fed you my milk, the healthier you would be. It seemed wrong to me at that time, but now I understand that he was right. You are a very healthy young man." She said without innuendo.

Without asking, I leaned forward and kissed her right nipple.

"Mmm." She hummed for a second. "Please, Honey, I'm trying to explain."

I shrank back. "Yes, Mommy."

Her eyes again engaged me seriously. "I should probably say this sooner than later, Arnie, but the most important way for a man and a woman to have sex, is the way that can create a baby."

No. I didn't say it, but my face sagged like it had melted. Apparently, although I had had sex with Mom, it wasn't the way that made babies. I was a bit relieved, to be honest.

She chuckles. "Is that really a surprise?"

"I never guessed."

"Mommy is so sorry, I should have discussed this with you long ago."

"Wow, are you going to show me how to make a baby?"

She sat still for some seconds, thoughts conflicting behind her eyes. Slowly she nodded. "I will, but only if you promise to behave."

"But Mommy, I'm already not behaving." I pointed at the bulge in my pajama bottoms.

Mom shook her head just a bit. "There's nothing naughty about an erection, Arnie. It's how your growing body works."

"But I want to rub it against you again." I confessed.

She took a breath. "I believe you, Sweetie. What I don't understand is why you have any sexual interest in me, your mother. That's not supposed to happen."

"I dunno either, Mommy. Maybe I really am naughty. It's been hard all day!"

"All day?" Worry flashed in her face. "It's been like that since this morning?" She was clearly concerned.

"Well, not right after I peed my special liquid in you, but soon after breakfast."

"While we were opening presents?"

"All day." I grunted a little. "Except when I had to pee for real. It softens for a little while after I pee."

"Gee, Sweetheart, none of that means you've been naughty, but maybe we should have a doctor look at you."

"No..." I whined. "Not now." I put my hand under her left breast and cupped it, to demonstrate what I really wanted.

Her mood brightened from unexpected humor. "After this morning, I doubt it's anything serious. Like it says in the book, 'The effects of puberty's amazing hormones can be quite surprising.'"

I sat and considered that. What were hormones? I wanted to ask, but I feared her answer would just delay learning how to make a baby.

Mommy let me ponder. She started to shrug off her blouse, but I stopped her. "Mommy, I want you to keep wearing that." Her Christmas dress was suddenly very special for me.

"Arnie, my chin can't keep my bra up much longer. I'll get a neck ache!"

"You can let it drop, Mommy. I'll move it to one side if you need me to."

She lifted her chin. The bra fell, nearly concealing her nipples again, and she cranked her neck left and right. It cracked lightly, each direction. She looked relieved.

"I want to see your third nipple now, Mommy!" I bubbled.

"My what?" Her face scrunched up in disbelief. "There's no such thing." She claimed.

"There is, Mommy. I'll show it to you!" I jumped up and grabbed the ankle length, golden hem of her bright red skirt. Pulling it out and up, I stepped between her bare legs and tucked it around her waist. Her feet were bare too.

"Hey, Honey, slow down. There's a lot I need to tell you about before-"

"It's right here, Mommy!" I poked a finger into the panel of her panties, where I remembered the sensitive bump lay."

"OW!" Mommy blurted. "That! Oh, that!" She huffed and puffed. "Please stop touching it, Arnie. Let me explain!"

I thought I hadn't touched it at all. There wasn't any bump, where I had poked, to see nor feel. One soft part of Mommy was like any other, right? But she sure reacted as if I had poked something very sensitive! I pulled my hand away. "I'm sorry."

"You're too eager, Arnie." Mom chastised. She grabbed the red skirt's raveled hem and was about to cover her panties again, but she imagined I would only lift it up again, the moment I had another question. She spread it around her flat tummy and sighed. "I need you to calm down."

That was like telling a race car driver to pay attention to the speed limit. I wanted to be patient, but my whole body vibrated with excitement. "But you said you didn't have a nipple there!" I complained, pointing.

"You're not very wrong, Sweetie, but you weren't quite correct either. The place you poked is not like a breast's nipple. It doesn't provide milk. Mommy pointed to her panties. What you touched is called my clitoris. It's sole purpose is to give me pleasure during sex."

"WHOAA!" Mind blown.

She chuckled. "At ease, Son." Mommy turned serious. "You have to be gentle with it. You poked too hard."

"I'm sorry."

"I forgive you, Sweetheart."

"Can I see it?" I still wasn't clear about what sex was. I wanted to hear about, look at, touch, smell, and rub everything!

Mommy inhaled sharply, "I suppose, but you can't go poking at me."

I wanted to say I was sorry again but that would have been lame. I felt lame. I took a step back to give her room.

She smiled briefly, acknowledging my accommodation, before reaching into the waistband of her broad, white panties. She had to lift her legs to pull it down over her bottom cheeks. I considered grabbing her ankles rising on my left and right, to help but thought better of it.

"What's that?" I again pointed at the panel of her panties right after they had escaped her bum.

She squinted. "They're panties, Arnie. You know that."

"No." I pointed harder! "What's that on them?" The light shadow of a vertical stain had previously blended with her dark hairs while her panties hugged her groin.

She looked, and her face turned quite red. She froze, clenching her lips. Mommy swallowed and spoke timidly. "It's a little wet spot, Arnie. It's not important."

It most certainly was - to my curiosity! Sometimes, when I peed a tiny bit in my pants, my underwear would get a light yellow stain. But the stain on her panties wasn't yellow. I immediately remembered what Mommy had said about her groin's special liquid. "Why is it wet, Mommy? It's not pee, right?"

Her blush deepened. "No, it's not pee." She admitted.

"It's your special liquid!" I asserted. "What causes that?"

Her lips pursed, unintentionally. She shrank a little before me, which made me feel very confident. Her voice remained meek. "It happens when a woman is aroused. Aroused means that she is sexually excited. But don't you go thinking that I-"

"Good golly, Mommy! I'm excited too!" I pushed down my pajama bottoms and let my big ol' boner stand out in the open. "See!"

My mother gulped strenuously. "You didn't need to bare that, Sweetie. I saw your erection through your jammies, earlier. Remember?"

"Yeah, but look there's some liquid on the tip!" I had felt a tiny wet spot just beneath the head of my pee pee. I had taken down my jammies, so I could see it too. My pee pee stood tall. A glistening patch spreading out from my pee hole amazed me!

"Um, I understand now." Mom sounded uncomfortable. "That's not the same as the fluid staining my panties, but they do share a purpose. Yours is called, pre-ejaculate. Mine is vaginal or cervical discharge." She took a breath. "These fluids make it easier for a man and a woman to have intercourse."

An accumulation of difficult words buzzed thickly in my head, buzzing around, none of them landing. This sex thing was really complicated! I wasn't sure I wanted to know anything else. My questions not only stopped piling up, they weighed down my curiosity. However my excitement kept growing. I looked beyond Mommy's stained panties and for the first time got a close view of her triangle of dark hair. It was thicker at the top than the bottom, and I saw strange, vertical lips like withered old lady lips, but the skin was smooth and clear where there wasn't hair. The lips' odd appearance made me even more excited- I mean aroused.

Even better, I actually spotted the thing she'd called a clitoris! It looked smaller than how it had felt when my pee pee bumped it that morning. And yet it seemed bigger than when I poked it moments before. Maybe that was because her panties had been covering it.

Mommy waited for my next question, still holding her panties just above the middle of her thighs. The red in her cheeks faded slowly.

"I don't want to hear about sex any more, Mommy." I advanced and grabbed the waistband of her panties out of her hands. I pulled the stained garment down to her knees and leaned closer to study her strangely alluring groin.

"Arnie, don't be brash." She grabbed my wrists as if to stop me from removing her panties, but they merely followed as I tugged them down her legs. She had to bend forward to hold on. "You're being naughty again. You said you would behave."

Misbehaving was just a different way of behaving, right? I thought that but knew better than to say it. "But, Mommy, I'm tired. I just want to rub on you again and go to bed." Taken aback by my honesty, she let go, and I pulled her panties to her feet.

"We never should have let you stay up late." She grumbled, remembering that I'd had a big day without rest and was now grumpy. "Go to bed - now. If you don't want to hear more about sex, that's fine. But you can't rub on me again."

I struggled to extract her feet from her panties. The big garment had tangled them. "But you don't have to do anything, Mommy. Just lay back, and I'll be quick." be concluded...
Part 4

I didn't wait for her to lay down. As soon as one foot cleared her panties, I climbed up her body, using her knees as ladder rungs. My pajama bottoms fell off of my ankles easily. My ascent tipped Mommy backwards onto my bed. Her beautiful, gold lined, red skirt splayed from both sides.

"Arnie, this isn't right. You mustn't do this!" She complained.

I wasn't in a mood to argue. Lust drove me to crawl over her half, Christmas clad body and sink my groin between her thighs. I used my feet to spread her knees. The head of my penis dove through her tickling bush and rested squarely on her clitoris. It felt wonderful!

"Nnmm-!" She murmured unhappily. "Please don't start this again, Arnie. Your father-" Mommy paused, reconsidering her words. "He wouldn't like this- I mean he wouldn't like you doing this!"

I guessed Mommy was tired and grumpy too, not able to say what she wanted. Had something happened to disappoint her with Daddy? I did love him, but I was too eager to rub on Mommy again. Christmas morning felt like a year ago! I began humping my hard penis forward and back.

"Nooo." She winced. My feet resisted her attempts to close her knees. Therefore, my groin sank lower between her thighs than it had that morning. Instead of rubbing along her thighs' gap, my big peter was stroking the wrinkled lips of her hairy crotch. The head of my penis touched her clitoris from a different angle than before. Instead of bumping against it, the underside of my bulbous head rocked sturdily across it, up and down.

Mommy shuddered from head to toe! "Not that..!" She wailed before stuffing a fist into her mouth.

"Mommy, I think you're liking it again." I felt bad when she complained, but not bad enough to stop. Perhaps she would feel better if I asked questions. She always answered my questions. "What are these lips against my penis, called?"

"Please stop, Arnie." She complained again, her breaths shallow and quick. "They're my labia or vulva, Sweetie. Don't rub on it!" Another word that buzzed uselessly in my head. "Nnnghhh... Not with your erection!" She added.

"I love rubbing your labe- um, crotch lips, Mommy. They're much better than your thighs. I can feel your special liquid on my penis, maybe mine too. It's wonderful slippery! Even your funny hairs tickle in a good way!" My breathing also quickened as the temperature rose in my loins.

"Uh, uhn, uh, uh, ungh." I rocked happily along her vulva.

"No- uh, noo..." Mommy whimpered, her body shuddering occasionally while we moved together upon my bed. Little squeaks issued from its stressed wooden frame. "Ooohhh." She groaned. "Please hurry and finish. I don't want to ... your father-" She clamped her mouth to silence herself. She even batted it with the clenched fist.

I voiced my strongest fear. "Please, don't tell Daddy." My hips drove faster up and down her seeping labia. I don't want to hurt him! I just want to get that feeling again. It's so much better with you." I wasn't quite close to climaxing, but I was on a clear path to achieve it. Rubbing on my mommy and hearing her fuss about it, gave me a lot of joy.

"Shhh, Arnie, Daddy's asleep. Please let Mommy go. I don't like it. You're being very mean!" More whining. (I loved it!)

Once again, I could feel her body's responses to my rutting boner. The way she shook and quivered when the head of my dick scraped slick liquid across her clitoris, told me that she was not being honest about how she felt. My body was equally shivery and aroused. Detaching my attention from her, I found myself staring at her wagging breasts! I reached under her loose bra and flicked my thumbs across her nipples. I had learned how sensitive they were that morning. Kissing them had soothed her almost as much as rubbing my peter on her clitoris.

She moaned from my strong flicking. "It's too much, Baby. I can't handle it!"

When she realized I wasn't listening, she grabbed my shoulders and tried to stop me, but her arms had little strength for a fight. She was close to crying when she pleaded. "Let go, Honey. Get off of me, please! You don't want to make Mommy mad." Her voice was the farthest sound from anger. Undertones of unwanted pleasure undermined her threat. All she managed to do was prevent me from kissing her nipples.

I was tired - and tired of her resisting without actually resisting. She kept telling me to quit, but her body seemed to soak up every stroke along her puss and clit. I knew of only one thing left to do which might convince her to accept my loving rubbing.

Remembering the mistakes I'd made that morning, I deliberately stopped humping her groin and reached my right hand between our waists.

"Thank you, Sweetie. Mommy needs to go to her room and ... while your father is deep asleep." She tried to turn out from under me.

"Keep still, Mommy!" I told her. "I need to do this right." My hand found my penis and my hips made space between it and her dark fur.

Her struggling didn't stop because I'd told her to. Her body abruptly tensed when she felt the head of my penis drop down and squeeze between her labe-lips. I entered them slowly, so as not to bump into the bone which had frustrated me before.

"NO, ARNIE! Take that out of me!" She shouted into her saliva soaked fist. Mommy wanted to wrench her body out from under me then, but it refused to obey because at the same moment, I fisted my turgid peter and plowed her wet groove up and down with my soft, fat peen-head.

"I prayed you wouldn't do this again!" She started crying, unable to stop her son from divining her secret place with his solid erection. "Please, noooo..."

Back and forth, I dredged her slippery lips, and then I found it, the divot hiding low behind them. It was like finding a gold mine. I nearly shouted for joy and with great relief. The tight, hidden entrance felt extra slippery and I immediately pushed my peter into Mommy's special hole. My firm rod spread her inner opening wide and probed slowly through its weak resistance. It was so slick its tight ring felt like it was sucking my firm peter into her wonderful depths.

"That's my vagina, Arnie!" Mom's tears doubled. "You're not supposed to put your - hard penis into your mommy's vagina!"

The part of my mind which failed to elicit guilt for what I was doing to my mother, persisted. It was the tears in her voice that allowed guilt to tug at my heart, pausing my half entry into a forbidden place. I whined then. "Please don't be mad, Mommy. I'm trying to make you feel good!"

"You can't, Honey, not this way. This is for your father-" She interrupted herself again.

"What about Daddy?" Ever since entering my bedroom, Mommy had nearly sounded like she wasn't happy with him, multiple times. "Is he okay?"

My wonderful, Christian mother sobbed then. "No, Honey, he hasn't been okay today. He-" <sniff!> "...tried to give my favorite, Christmas present but couldn't!"

Concern for my father weakened my half embedded penis.

Mommy stunned me with a huge, naughty confession. "This morning, you made me so happy, even though I fought and complained. What you did was very very wrong, but I made the greater sin. I was so hurt and longing for your father's special gift, I succumbed to temptation. You didn't know any better. I very much did." She wept.

Succumbed wasn't a word I knew. I roughly guessed that she had escaped her strong moral instincts. Yet here we were, she and I, half connected where our special liquids mingled. Instinct prodded me then. My hips resumed pushing my big penis further into Mommy's wet vagina. "This time, it's gonna be all my fault, Mommy!" I was almost cheerful! "You keep resisting and complaining, and I promise I'll take all the blame for making you feel good, because now I know this is for Daddy to do. I know better this time. I'm gonna rub your vag-na for as long as it takes!" I swore.

She gasped loudly. "Noo, SON! It doesn't work like that..." A deep groan issued from her throat.

Despite her strong denial, when Mommy uttered a long string of vowels, my resolve cemented to procure her favorite, Christmas gift. My big boner bottomed out in her vagina. Instantly I reversed my hips and pulled mostly out of her slippery hole. I nearly popped all the way out, but I was being careful. I had only done it a little bit to Mommy that morning, before erupting my extra-special liquid into her. I didn't want my eagerness to spoil what Mommy needed!

I didn't have enough attention to think further about that amazing moment. I was dead set on giving Mommy my best rubbing! I plunged myself back into her hot, slick vagina and began pumping my dick in and out. It felt incredible! I could only hope that she was feeling half of the joy that her puss was giving.

Suddenly, Mommy's arms reached up and behind me, hugging me passionately! She even lifted her legs and wrapped them around my thrusting hips, urging me to spear deeper! Her tears continued to flow. "It'll be okay. It'll be okay." She sniffed ineffectively. "We're both lost souls in need of forgiveness."

"I love you, Mommy. Let me take all the blame today." I hardly knew what I was saying. "I promise I'll be a good boy all year until next Christmas!" I was sincere about that, however.

"Mommy loves you, Sweetie. You're making me feel wonderful, but I don't deserve it. I should be with your father!"

"I wish you could, Mommy. Honest, I do. I'm doing this for Daddy too." I continued to speak deliriously. My behind bounced up and down, driving my fat ol' penis fast through her special hole. My groin bone knocked against Mommy's clitoris, and my testicles spanked her tight, bottom crinkle. We wailed like coyotes, unable to contain our building joy.

Throughout my pillaging of Mommy's body, she continued to weep. "I-I knew this would happen. I didn't want it to. I didn't, but I'm weak. Forgive your Mommy. Please, forgive me." She sobbed.

"I love you. I always will. I'm sorry I'm being so naughty, but it's the only way I know, to give what you need today."

The single bed shook and creaked and groaned. I was pounding my hips against hers, striving to give the best present I could. "Ohh, MOMMY! I feel it happening..." I warned her then prayed, Please, if there is a Santa, let her have the same, or more, joy! A virtual sphere of excitement expanded at the base of my loins, fueled by the pleasure from frantically rubbing Mommy's vagina.

Her butt sank into the mattress with each of my thrusts and bounded up again, as if chasing the big dong that had plunged inside of her and retreated. "Go ahead, Baby. Let go and fly with the feelings! Mommy's almost there too." She began bucking against my hunching, her vagina gobbling up my pounding peter like Pac-Man! (I had never played Pac-Man before that day. It was one of the games on Santa's electronic present. Daddy had urged me to play it first.) Pac-Man was fun but not even close to the joy that Mommy and I were sharing!

I humped my fastest, rubbing my fat penis in and out of her like lightning bolts, as I chased the lightning about to strike me. A last fear gripped my heart. "But, Mommy, what if I spill my extra-special into you again. You didn't like that at all!"

Mommy answered without a hint of worry, surprising me. "It's okay, Arnie. You can spill your seed into Mommy, as much as you want. I'll explain later, just don't stop rubbing your beautiful erection through Mommy's vagina!" She pleaded.

In the moment when the last of my fears and guilt were swept aside, a tremendous spasm jolted my body. The intense sphere of pleasure, centered at the base of my groin, shattered! A vast ocean of electricity charged through my nerves -- burning them out with such ecstasy I wouldn't have minded flying to heaven!

Mommy's arms and legs clamped down around me, her true strength returning in the instant that her sphere of pleasure erupted, shocking of her senses. "AAAAA!!!" She cried out. "Merry Christmas, My Love!"

I didn't care if she had mistaken me for Daddy. I was too frenzied by lust sated on an epic scale. Something else in my body opened up, and powerful jets of what Mommy had called seed, sprayed the inside of her vagina. My hips bucked again with each gushing jet. I felt my seed flooding her secret hole and spritzing out of the tight seal between my peen and her puss.

"Ooooh, it feels wonderful, Dear- I mean Arnie." She was still quite lost in passion's reverie. "Your semen is so hot and thick! If I hadn't taken precautions, you would be making a baby in me for sure!"


Still floating on a cloud of pleasure, my foggy brain was slow to add two and two together, but as my intense orgasm subsided, Mommy's final outcry was all that I could think about.

Mommy's climax made her tremble again and again as my seed (also called semen), poured out of my softening penis.

"Mommy," I gasped, trying to catch my breath. "What do you mean, 'Make a baby?'"

"Arnie-" She also struggled for air to speak. "You mean - you never realized - that the sex we were doing was the kind that makes babies?"


Mommy fell asleep with me that Christmas night. My incredibly resilient erection bounded back twice in the hour that followed. Without a hint of shame, Mommy and I coupled joyously, but we jammed cloths in our mouths, so we could scream and shout the pleasures we evoked and shared, as Mommy taught and I learned about how babies are made.

Mother did explain, after our second time, that she had feared I might again take advantage of her frustrated arousal. To prevent an unwanted pregnancy, she had implanted a device called a diaphragm with spermicidal jelly, over her cervix. Those words passed over my head like geese flying high in the sky. I did understand that she was preventing us from making a baby.

If I had been more childish, I might have minded, but the ecstasies of having sex with her, more than compensated for the near impossibility of creating a sister or brother. I only minded when she left my room at midnight.

That should have been the end of our story, but Daddy was just as important in our lives, and his ending is much sadder.

After a week of failing to get an erection, he went to see the doctor. Not long thereafter the doctor called to tell him the worst possible news. Although his sperm were healthy enough, something prevented his penis from getting hard. Not even the most expensive drugs helped in the slightest. He was even able to ejaculate from having his 'pro-state' probed, but he couldn't orgasm.

Daddy suggested that they could have a child through something called 'an vitro-fertiliting.' Mommy wanted to oblige, but her priest forbade it. Instead, she was commanded to pray for Daddy to recover his full potency."

Mommy didn't leave the church or her faith, but she concocted a cunning solution. She told father she would go to a specialist to clone his sperm and fertilize her with it. She took a sample from him and froze it until the specialist was available.

In truth, she threw the frozen container into a neighbor's trash.

I was still dealing with prolonged erections, but not as severe as they had been on Christmas day. Mom did take me to a doctor. The blood test revealed large amounts of certain hormones, but according to the doctor, they were just high for my age. According to him, they weren't dangerously high, and I should be able to 'deal' with the problem in many ways. He sneaked a wink at me.

He told Mommy, "When puberty completes its mission in Arnie's body, the level of those hormones should fall back to near normal. I'd be happy to check him again, every six months, if you like, to follow his progress."

"Thank you, Doctor." Mommy held my hand while we walked away, out of the medical office, and to our car. Her hand was very warm. She didn't tell me about fooling Daddy - until decades had passed.

It was still early when we arrived home. She had taken me out of school for the day. "I'm a little tired, Arnie. Would you like to take a nap with me?"

I wasn't tired, but I would never pass up a chance to snuggle with Mommy. "Sure!"

"Go change into your jammies and come to my room, but give me time. I'll change into something I think you'll like."

It took me less than a minute to take off my nicest suit, the one Santa had given. Mommy always dressed up for doctors. She'd made me dress up too. She believed it was important to impress the people we trusted with our health.

After changing into my pajamas, I sat and studied the clothes crumpled on the floor. The sad truth came to me, but I was not disheartened. Mommy had probably picked out, "The gift I needed." Not Santa. And Daddy had probably bought the video game machine - which is awesome BTW!

I would forever remember the wonderful time I had, believing in Santa Claus. I did not regret it. I decided then to rely more on myself than any god or gods, and draw upon my need for spiritual connection to motivate me to be a good friend to those who befriended me.

Fifteen minutes passed quickly while I contemplated serious things. I bounced to my feet though, eager to hold Mommy in my arms and rest while she took a nap. I ambled to my parent's bedroom and knocked.

"I'm ready, Sweetie." Mommy answered.

I opened the door and promptly halted after my first step into their room. My jaw fell open and my eyes bulged! "Mommy, you changed into your-"

While I was deciding the fate of my faith, she had decided to fully accept her son's miracle. "Merry Christmas, my sweet son." She lay on the top of her bed, fully dressed in her gold trimmed, red skirt and white blouse. "It's time to test what you've learned about making a baby."


Cast unto the heavens' coldest reaches, Saturn, father of time and the gods, his home in exile could only be reached by Mercury, swiftest of immortals.

"Most Magnificent Saturn, I arrive with news of your gift to the boy of wavering faith."

"Tell me, Messenger and son, how has he grown in spirit?"

"It is sad news." Mercury lowered his gaze and bowed. "Another mortal has chosen to believe more in himself than our legacy power."

"I see." Saturn mused. "Perhaps my gift was too subtle for a boy. How did he receive it?"

"With powerful joy, Magnificent One."

"And his mother?"

"Her faith is unwavering, yet she too enjoyed his gift and will for many years."

Saturn glowered at Mercury. "Many years means tens of millions, Child of Mine. But I am pleased that I satisfied the boy's request. It is not often that a good hearted child's wish reaches this far from Earth. Upon reading his words, echoes from riotous festivals of pleasure and excess spoke to me - of better times for the gods. May mortals never lose that style of merriment."

"But what about the poor husband?"

"The non-believer has been lucky to escape the wrath of gods for as long as has, but I was not the culprit who stole away his generative prowess. I merely ensured that his pure hearted wife did not lack for additional sons and daughters - while giving the good boy what he asked for."

Mercury sighed. "Still, I pity the husband. His heart is no less pure than his wife's."

"Rejecting the gods and accepting life's incredible challenges is the most rewarding life to live, should he live long, and we once mighty must suffer it. His miserable fortune occurred from a rare trait of previous generations which struck him not long before Winter's solstice. Perhaps the husband will overcome it, like he has already conquered so many troubles, through rational will and the assistance of friends and family."

The End

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