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Feb 8, 2022

Hi. I’m thinking of starting a translation project for chou no doku hana no kusari.

Back in 2020, an app company released an eng app version for the game. It was for the vita version of the game. The app was free, but had gatchalike checkpoints and was unvoiced. The app failed and ceased distribution after 9-10 months about. Someone I know recorded everything before it disappered though. We thought of just copying the text and work together on an eng fanpatch for the pc version by ourselves, like the person who did hiiro no kakera 4, but firstly we both are very busy, secondly we are noobs when it comes to programming/IT. And it's way too much for just 2 people.

About the translation

The chou no doku hana no kusari game has 4 ports (5 with the eng failed app). PC, psp, psvita and switch. The 5th one was the eng app version, no jp version exists. The pc version is 18+ while the others are all ages, pegi 17+. But about 85% of the text in all the ports, is the same. In the all ages versions, the 18+ has been removed and instead all ages extra scenes have been added and some cgs. But we would like to focus and help on making a pc patch instead of the other versions.


What is needed for this project to come to life (my guess):

1) A leader(s) for this project, who can organize everying and pick up this project, in general have a lot of free time, someone reliable who can be in charge and make everything work

2) Someone or more, who will write down the text from the recordings (no need for any knowledge just write down what you see or use an ocr program and copy paste, as long as you edit it and it doesn't have any errors)

3) A Japanese translator who can translate the 18+ scenes and some missing lines that were removed in the port. *I can do that if no one else can btw*

4) Someone who will copy paste and replace the jp text with the eng one (Jp and eng knowledge is required I guess. But this could be easily done by those who don’t have any knowledge too, as long as someone gives them right and specific instructions, like what to copy paste and where)

5) Someone who can access the game files so above things can be done, and make a patch for the game. DONE

6) Proofreaders/Beta testers but that might not be needed and be done by some of the above people

*more or less roles might be needed but that’s for the leader to decide this is just a guess of mine, the leader will organize everything the way they think it can all work

It’s too much for 1-2 people I tried myself and I don’t recommend it. Better a team. The more the better and the faster a patch can be made.

As I said above, we don’t have a lot of free time. We can provide you with the recordings and I can fantranslate these parts i said above, if no one else can, as long as someone provides me with the text that needs to be translated (got no time to play the game unfortunately). I have very little time to spare though and I’m not that confident, because I never fantranslated anything before and I’m an ESL. My Japanese knowlegde is okay. I can do it if no one else can, so please think of me as a last solution.

The person I know will provide me with the recordings, but they are more 250 GB if I remember right. They might want to edit them first, so don’t expect to get them all together, they might take time. Probably will provide you with a recording everytime you are done with one part/chapter.

So, if any of you are interested or end up making a team for this project, tell me to contact them and start editing etc so they can send them to me.

Hope that this will be successful so everyone can enjoy and play this game in English. Good luck!!!

EDIT Someone suggested and offered to put the translation on Visual Novel Reader. Going to test one of these days, and let us know if it works/if translations can be added to that place.
The other offer is still on the table. But in case this works, you can just copypaste the text from there.
Will update hopefully soon.

EDIT 2 Unfortunately, translations can no longer be added on Visual Novel Reader, we tried multiple times. On a brighter note, someone managed to access and sent me the files that contain the text of the game. Currently working on the prologue. Our current goal, is to release a trial patch, in hopes of attracting more people.
Will update soon. Still desperately looking for people. It's tougher than we thought.
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Share this in twitter or other side with more people, maybe you see replys
I love this game, I've played the PC version, and when the mobile version was available only the Shiba route, it didn't give me more time.:alice_glitter:

Share this in twitter or other side with more people, maybe you see replys

I agree, if you put it on Twitter someone will surely help you with the project.

You can also put it on Vndb file:


Good luck with the project!!:lapi_cheer::rr_yay:
Hoping it goes well!!! I recommend sharing it on r/otomegames (reddit) and using #otometwt hashtag on twitter! There are also a few otome discord I could recommend; there's a specific one that connects people making various fanpatches and sharing advice. I've been wanting to play this game for a long time, I'm so grateful!
you really should take everyone advice here: make an vndb entry, create a twitter and contact to some community acc like ikemen fangirl to spread the news
there will be more ppl know your pj and can offer the help you need that way
Thank you everyone for the suggestions! Thing is, I can't advertise this project on any otome SNS groups, since I do not own the translation...you can understand.. My only hope is here ;_;
If you are interested, or know someone, please do send me a message.
We are currently working on it 3 people and strive to release the prologue and hopefully Hideos and Mizuhitos routes, in order to put it on vndb and here, and attract people. Just copy pasting using an OCR tool for now is more than enough help. ;__;
An update about our project.
Mizuhito 40+%
Shiba 40%
Fujita 40+%
Majima 40%
Hideo 7%
Normal route 0%

We started about a month ago, and as you can see, we're faring pretty well with the help of our dedicated and hardworking OCR c&p team.

Sadly, we don't have a translator, which means even if we finish everything fast, the r18 parts will still need translation. The r18 parts aren't that long, 800-1000 lines in total. But we need a skilled translator, JLPTN3 or above, and a native or fluent English speaker. 

If you are interested or know someone we can trust, please contact me. 
Thank you~
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Is there any new development on this translation, it would be really nice to have the translation for original pc version of the game. Also have you considered something like chatgpt for the translation of r18 parts?
Really excited for this, I know I'm late but I hope things are going well :boys_peace:

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