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Oct 16, 2010
Mandatory information:

  1. Topic Title: The topic title must contain the name of the eroge or visual novel.

  2. Boxshot: Boxshot of the eroge or visual novel.

  3. Links to VNDB or Getchu.

Additional Information:
  • Romanization of the game name.

  • Publishing date of the game.

  • Company that created the game.

  • Sample images.

  • Anything else benefiting the users.

  • Hentai CG come from eroge. Non-hentai CG come from visual novels (which are not eroge).

  • Make it look good: The point of Anime-Sharing is to provide high quality content in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Make sure your threads look good and allow easy access to the information.
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dragonhearts wrote on Ryzen111's profile.
Hello, Thank you for uploading the previous request. I am collecting the works of サークル 4's Circle. This and This All links are dead. If you have any data, can I ask you to re-upload it?
a46392157 wrote on Ryzen111's profile.
Hi,can you reup this to mexa plz?
dohuni wrote on UFO's profile.
Hello. Could you reupload the version 2.0 of this game? RJ310786 thanks.
DarkSniper wrote on Shine's profile.
Hi Shine,

[190912][Excite engine] RPGでゲーム進行に関わりなくNPCをエッチどころかディープなSMまでしちゃうゲーム [RJ264801]

Could you please Reup the above game?