Bonobono [Chapter 01-50] [Ongoing]


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Oct 14, 2018

Title: Bonobono
Other title: Bono Bono
Status: Ongoing
Author: Mikio Igarashi
Language: ENG
Des: In a certain forest lives the adorable sea otter, Bonobono, and his father. These are the tales of his daily life and simple, comedic adventures with the other forest residents like a girlish chipmunk, a lazy fishing cat, and a bully raccoon.

(Won the 12th Kodansha Manga Award for general manga in 1988)
Vol.3 Chapter 50: I Wonder What I Should I Do: |
Vol.3 Chapter 49: Raccoon Goes Back Home: |
Vol.3 Chapter 48: Fennec Fox's Answer: |
Vol.3 Chapter 47: Raccoon's Prank: |
Vol.3 Chapter 46: What?: |
Vol.3 Chapter 45: Raccoon's Friend's Name: |
Vol.3 Chapter 44: Let's Give Dad A Name: |
Vol.3 Chapter 43: How I Have Fun: |
Vol.3 Chapter 42: What Chipmunk Did: |
Vol.3 Chapter 41: Chipmunk's Dad Getting Walnut: |
Vol.3 Chapter 40: Let's Ask Raccoon: |
Vol.3 Chapter 39: Dai's Explanation: |
Vol.3 Chapter 38: I'm Falling Behind: |
Vol.3 Chapter 37: Chipmunk Can Take It: |
Vol.3 Chapter 36: I Came Up with A New Joke: |
Vol.3 Chapter 35: Chipmunk Is Taking A Nap: |
Vol.2 Chapter 34: I'm One Step Behind: |
Vol.2 Chapter 33: Baby Brown Bear Catches Fish: |
Vol.2 Chapter 32: Baby Brown Bear Got Fish: |
Vol.2 Chapter 31: I Am Mad: |
Vol.2 Chapter 30: Chipmunk and Prairie Dog: |
Vol.2 Chapter 29: Wah: |
Vol.2 Chapter 28: Try Taking The Still Rock: |
Vol.2 Chapter 27: I'm Troubled By That: |
Vol.2 Chapter 26: Raccoon's Lecture: |
Vol.2 Chapter 25: Chipmunk Can't Say Anything: |
Vol.2 Chapter 24: Raccoon's Absolutely Angry: |
Vol.2 Chapter 23: My Body Is Acting Strange: |
Vol.2 Chapter 22: An Approaching Scent: |
Vol.2 Chapter 21: Weak Wind: |
Vol.2 Chapter 20: Meanwhile, Us: |
Vol.2 Chapter 19: Are You Bothered by Something?: |
Vol.1 Chapter 18: I Wonder If I Am Worried or Not Worried: |
Vol.1 Chapter 17: Dad Is Calling Me: |
Vol.1 Chapter 16: Because That's How It Is?: |
Vol.1 Chapter 15: I Wonder If He'll Bully Me: |
Vol.1 Chapter 14: Raccoon's Reason: |
Vol.1 Chapter 13: Chipmunk Doesn't Get It: |
Vol.1 Chapter 12: What Chipmunk is Amazing At: |
Vol.1 Chapter 11: I Pick The Rock: |
Vol.1 Chapter 10: The Cove: |
Vol.1 Chapter 9: Chipmunk's Suggestion: |
Vol.1 Chapter 8: My Rock is Broken: |
Vol.1 Chapter 7: How I Have Fun: |
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Let's Ask Dad: |
Vol.1 Chapter 5: My Destination: |
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Let's Try to Be Friends with Wind: |
Vol.1 Chapter 3: My Sleep Posture: |
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Threatened by Act: |
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Let's Go Look At Paw Pads: |

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