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Apr 9, 2011

According to the August issue of Comic Alive magazine, a 「Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai」 OAD will be bundled with the 7th volume of the light novel series. It is slated to be released September 22nd


According to the wraparound jacket band found on the 6th volume of the series, Hirasaka Yomi (Author) and Buriki’s (Illustrator) light novel work, 「Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai」, will be receiving a TV anime adaptation.
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There is also going to be a PSP game for this.
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watched episode 0.

frankly i enjoyed the girls, especially hearing Kanae Itou in one the lead roles. Not sure Marina Inoue is fit for Yozora though, even though i am a big fan of hers, LN readers, do you find her suitable?
The stiff animation aside (the staffs have leg fetish /me thinks), this is one of those cases where the director is just not actually too good at making what is good source material "pop". The LNs are much more hilarious. Also as the male harem lead and the primary tsukkomi of the series, Kodaka has quite a weak presence.

Oh well, it could've been worse. Things got a lot better when Sena enters the picture. Her chemistry with Yozora is after all the main attraction of the series. I suppose my complaints may disappear when more crazy girls enter the picture. And the OP aside, there wasn't a lot of blatant fan-service pandering which is a plus.

So I moderately enjoyed the episode. I do have a feeling things will get better though.

Yozora is great deadpan comedy. "What's this?" "It's called a 'television'. It runs on 'electricity'." See also the "u mad?" dance, and the level-headed and self-certain way she made up her mind to murder the 2D girl. If only her family weren't too poor to afford underwear for her.

If there were exploding barrels in dating sims, those two sociopaths would have found them, and unlocked the ultimate Bad End. Or... did I just create the best dating sim ever? Stay tuned for next week's edition of My Little Griefer: Friendship is Tragic.

Oh Kobato chwan?
We need more Nikku! Damn Sena was cute beyond words, her addiction to the Monster Hunter Motif casued eye bags after 53 hours of grinding! Oh my!

2 tragic girls with no friends playing gal-ge to learn how to make friends was hilarious. How their reactions completely fit while they 'hate' each other, 'great' minds think alike? They have no talent for gal-ge, but Sena's addiction to it again as she boasts completion to Kodaka the next day~

More Nikku please!
Yukimura's episode is going to epic...

I'm looking forward to the swimming pool episode as well :D-.
Funny episode. Sena reading H scene out loud (さぁ、おねだりしてみろよ、このメス豚!):D
Sena goes to (not) date with Kodaka and her feelings for him starts to take turn~
Likewise with Yozora, she overhears Kodaka mentioning his childhood promise with her (not knowing that it was Yozora whom he promised with)
Loving meat more and more :3
Marina Inoue and Ito Kanae as prospective eroge VA? GOSH! :D

WE NEED MORE NIKKU! SO MUCH SERVICE! OH MY OH MY OH MY! That bikini is a killer, Kodaka you lucky b@stard. Nikku so pretty, and tsundere reactions are always welcomed! Kodaka's pushed back hair made him looked like a real threat to the other guys, I would have just simply laughed it off as an interesting fellow though.

Osanana-promise? Is that Haganai's true story? :D But after clearing Koikishi and seeing a very familiar scene, the end of the episode made me go sour.

Next week, more members!?!?! :D
Now that's some nice meat there.

Episode 3 continue to follow closely the LN, and I'm quite satisfied how they kept the fine details with Sena, and how Kodaka isn't passive (I was afraid they would make the fanservice even more fullthrottle due to obvious reasons).
Meanwhile, Kobato's introduction sort of lacked of "something" (I guess few non chuuni quirks were absent here), but it was all good either way.

Of course, the special mention was how Sacred Blackstar remained unchanged... I wonder if Itou really didn't feel awkward with Sena's ero liners. Now waiting for meat to take Kobato home. Omochikaeri!
Yukimura and Rika joins the fray at Rinjin~ Haha, yukimura is way too femimine, and Rika is way too 'wrong'. I mean, that whole gundam manga allowed her to fantasize beyond human capabilities, i think she pretty much climaxed each time reading those lines. Misato Fukuen can join the eroge seiyuus side already~ Though its nice to hear a fujoshi in the mix, I wonder what troubles will come again next week. Yozora is pure evil, bullying Maria no limits. I found that somewhat serious talks about bullies and all very un-necessary, it threw the show off the laughs for no reasons and returned to gags the next. Its about time kobato entered the fray too i think, kana-tan shines in these support roles, please dont cast her for some lead moe-blob to kill her fans.
Yukimura and Rika joins the fray at Rinjin~ Haha, yukimura is way too femimine, and Rika is way too 'wrong'. I mean, that whole gundam manga allowed her to fantasize beyond human capabilities, i think she pretty much climaxed each time reading those lines.

What I found funny was the random ZZ Gundam vs. Evangelion Type2 cameo match up. Felt especially wrong since pilots are both underage, even though Rika was fantasizing about the mechs themselves lmao.
I will never be able to watch a mecha anime the same way again.


Considering how fast they went in this episode, I wouldn't be surprised. But I'm more concerned how faithful they went for Rika... It will just be a tad ridiculous in the future. *coughs*

Rika's idea of a "dirty magazine" was not only adorable, it was probably the funniest sequence of the series so far. The show really is at its most entertaining when the characters display in grotesque detail just why they are so incapable of functioning in society. If anything, I almost think it would have been funnier if she showed no interest whatsoever (yet) in human-on-human action, "This is the first time I've been interested in a mammal" is probably the greatest confession in history.

The repeated blows to potato kun's reputation are more entertaining than I was expecting them to be. Normally I find the whole "misunderstanding" stuff pretty ham-fisted and obnoxious, but with him it's so over the top that it works. Besides, his reputation can't really get much worse, so I don't need to feel sorry for him.
Another funny episode. I laughed @ Kodaka's 魔法使い costume (geeky otaku wear). Men who keep their virginity to 30 will be able to become 魔法使い = LOL.

Also Maria and Kobato are so cute (*´ω`*)
the dignity of the job magician have fallen in the future XDDD and vampire vs the church is funny
the fight scene of maria and kobato is so cute ~ can't stop laughing while watching those two fight reminds me of mild version yozora and sena fight
Glad for once that the imouto is actually jealous of her brother's friends because she wants a brother. Not the stupid "little sister love interest" that so many shows seem to have. Shown by how her fiercest reaction is not to the older girls, but rather to the "rival" little sister type character calling her brother "Oni-chan".

Even going in to snuggle with him at night is still the sort of thing a little sister might do if she felt her big brother might be taken from her. She's a little old for it, but she's been shown to be pretty immature already so I didn't find it too hard to believe.

I wasn't getting any "brocon" vibes at all. Just a "daddy's girl" who's focused that kind of thing on her big brother rather then her father.

The virtual reality game was kinda fun, but I kinda felt we did this rpg thing already. The best part was Sena's outfit; I was very disappointed in Yozara's. Rika seemed to be the star of the show today. She didn't do too much, but she seems to be the least mean of them and might be the first to get closer to Kodaka.

Also, lol@ the Oreimo line.

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