[Hentai OVA] Boku no Pico - Pico to Chico - Pico x CoCo x Chico - Episode 01-03 [Ai Upscale] ぴことちこ ぴこ×CoCo×ちこ


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Dec 30, 2012
Type: OVA, 3 episodes
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 7, 2006 - Oct 9, 2008
Producers: Natural High
Tags: 18 restricted, anal, new, nudity, sex, shota, trap, yaoi


EP1 (Boku no Pico)
Upbeat and effeminate Pico is working at his grandfather's coffee shop, Café Bebe, for the summer. Tamotsu is a white-collar worker looking for an escape from the mundanity of his everyday life. When they meet at the café, sparks of love and lust quickly draw the two together. Conventional notions of age, gender, and sexuality are broken down as the pair seeks carnal gratification in one another's company. But do the pleasures of flesh equate to a connection between hearts?

EP2 (Pico to Chico)
The crisp rays of summer sun find the effeminate Pico embroiled in yet another heated and lustful fling. While out biking, Pico meets and befriends Chico—a lively boy not much younger than him, but leagues behind in the affairs of the flesh. After the innocent Chico shows his sister in the midst of self-pleasure to Pico, Pico takes it upon himself to educate this confused youth.

EP3 (Pico x CoCo x Chico)
The young couple Pico and Chico are out for a date in town when a chance encounter has them immediately seduced by the mysterious runaway named CoCo. Pico is instantly drawn in by CoCo's spiritual outlook and feminine charms, but little does he know that the swaying of his heart will fuel the sparks of jealousy, passion, and desperation between the trio, ready to engulf them in an inferno of arousal and anxiety at any moment.


[Trap God] Boku no Pico - 01 (692p) [Ai Upscale] (D3718C08).mkv_thumbs.jpg
[Trap God] Boku no Pico X Chico - 02 (806p) [Ai Upscale] (A7AF2036).mkv_thumbs.jpg
[Trap God] Boku no Pico X Chico X Coco - 03 (806p) [Ai Upscale] (CEBFBAEF).mkv_thumbs.jpg

View attachment [Trap God] Boku no Pico 01-03 (692-802p) (Ai Upscale).torrent
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