[Blue Gale] 2001-2008 games or Memorial collection ブルーゲイル メモリアルコレクション


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Oct 17, 2018
[Blue Gale] 1998-2008 games or Memorial collection ブルーゲイル メモリアルコレクション

Original Title: ブルーゲイル メモリアルコレクション
Romaji: Blue Gale Memorial Collection
Release Date: 2014/08/08
Company, Producer: Blue Gale
Dlsite link: https://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/detail/bluegale_0032/
VNDB link: https://vndb.org/r61153

Does anyone have this pack?
Or can anyone re-upload the older games from blue gale?

This are the ones I'm looking for the most right now are:
1999-10-22 Tsugunai
(Thanks DrStrangeLove) 2001-06-22 Spotlight ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~
(Thanks ermomurder) 2002-03-22 Seisai ~Hakudaku no Misogi~

Their older games have only been ever uploaded by 1-2 people and the links are already dead.
There is also a ルーゲイル コンプリートパック that released a few months ago with all the games but the new games are not that hard to find yet.
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Does anyone have a download link of the game Tsugunai (ツグナヒ)? Not the sequel, the first game.
Does anyone had Blue Gale Complete Pack or Memorial Pack? Its really hard to search on any sites currently and memorial pack links are either dead or not avaiable.

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