Attack On Titan: The Final Season - Part 3


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Oct 17, 2012
Finally, Attack On Titan: The Final Season - Part 3, starts March 4.

Part 3 will be split into two two halves, the first half, an hour long episode March 4. The second half released TBA, with number of episodes, length etc, TBA.

Lordy, but the final season has dragged on and on and on. When will it conclude?

What are your thoughts? Are you jumping for joy at the thought of more? Or are you getting tired of how long the final season of Attack on Titan is being dragged on?

Personally, I'm looking forward to the eventual conclusion, but getting fed up with how long they're taking to get there.
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Looking forward to this last season with joy, I was very hooked on this anime. :8
The conclusion to Attack On Titan is finally out, and it was incredible!

Disturbing at times, heroic at times, horrific at times. Action packed. Very thought provoking ending.

A fine way to finish the series!
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