Ask a question and next person have to answer.

i am fine with it.

have you watched actual movie on cinema screen in theatres?
a bit too high level to read for me, i mean the original japanese ones.

do you read visual novels?
avg? which title is that?

i hate real living cats.

do you have a pet?
once,i have five cats,two dog and a cobaya .
do you take part in cosplay show?
no....but i want to try it.
do you know 8059?(my friend ask me about it....)
it is night rain,no wind,no moon, i think it may be cloudy.
are you hungry now?
nope. since i ate chips a while ago~.... existence is creating oneself (fave quote)

do you have classes/work tomorrow?
i do wear.... for eye protection when i go out..

are you a boy or girl?
~ yup. and i m not planning to take that...

What's the last food that you ate? ...
Orange for tonight ;D

Who do you like from IS (Infinite Stratos)?

my favourite is Charlotte ;D
harem. enough said..

favorite side character in IS? mine- all. enough said..
;( I haven't to read it. I heard it is very hot, I decided to read after IELTS…
do you like Bakemonogatari Monstory?(the name is so long…)

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