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Oct 16, 2010
We now have our own IRC channel: irc://#[email protected]

To make it easy for new members we have a prepatched client (mIRC) here (various hosts):

Simply run mIRC, you will see:

Change the nick you see in there to one of your choosing, hit connect and enjoy chatting with us. ^^

You can also register your nick, so no one else can take that. To find out how to register it simply type:
/msg nickserv help
Which will give you all the instructions you need to have about making that name your own.

Once you've done that go to Tools -> Scripts Editor -> Remote and add this:
on *:START: {

on 1:NOTICE:*NickServ IDENTIFY*:?: {
  if ( $nick == NickServ && $network == Rizon ) { /msg nickserv identify PASSWORD }

  on *:notice:*Password accepted - you are now recognized.*:*: {
    if ( $nick == NickServ && $network == Rizon ) {
      /join #Anime-Sharing
PASSWORD needs to be replaced with the password you chose while registering, obviously.

If you want to get rid of the trial nag screen, you can just use any name and serial (123 works)
DO NOT UPDATE after that however
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