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Nov 3, 2018
Let's craft artifacts here!

Rules are the following:

Anyone is allowed start the crafting process of a new artifact after
the previous object has at least 3 special traits.

Any object can be an artifact and an artifact can have infinite kinds
of special traits.

While an artifact is under developement, in every new post someone
improves it by adding a new special trait to it.

Before someone starts the crafting process of a new artifact, he/she
should show the end-product of the previous crafting procedure.

The crafting of a new artifact starts with specifying a basic object
with one special trait.

For example:
1. post>>>
New Artifact: Battle Axe
New Trait: Unbreakable
2. post>>>
New Trait: Burning
3. post>>>
New Trait: Invisible
4. post>>>
We produced a Battle Axe that is:
Unbreakable, Burning, Invisible

New Artifact: Microwave
New Trait: causes space-time anomalys

Okay, let's start the game NOW!

New Artifact: Love Letter
New Trait: written by a Yandere girl
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