Aquarion Series 3 TVs + 3 OVAs + 1 Movie [BD 1080p/720p] (Sousei, Evol, Logos)


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Oct 22, 2017

Main TitleSousei no Aquarion (a2830)
Official Title
Official Title
TypeTV Series, 26 episodes
Year05.04.2005 until 27.09.2005
SeasonSpring 2005
Tagsaction, angel, coming of age, dystopia, fantasy, mecha, new, piloted robot, post-apocalyptic, romance, science fiction, super power, tragedy, transforming craft

In Holy Genesis Era, in the year 0011, mankind has lost 2/3 of its population. The Great Catastrophe, which ruined the planet 11 years ago, caused the ice of Antarctica to melt.

In Atlantia, believed to have been destroyed long ago, the winged race of Shadow Angels awakens from a 12,000-year slumber. They send their bio-mechanical mythical beasts to harvest the life energy of humans, Plana, attacking the few remaining cities.

Humanity was fighting a losing battle when the Godspeed Magician Fudo Gen excavates the so-called Vectors in the sea near Crete. These three legendary machines, Mars, Luna and Sol, are now piloted by gifted youths possessing the Element to activate them, and to unite as the legendary Mechanical Angel Aquarion... but only if their heart, body, and soul can synchronize.

Box Folder 01 - Aquarion Logos
Box Folder 02 - Sousei no aquarion
Onedrive Folder 03
Box Folder 04 - Aquarion Evol
Box Folder 5 - 3 ovas + movie


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