Anyway to text-hook 陵辱異種姦ダンジョン〜女冒険者を嬲り呑み込む白濁陵辱の迷宮〜 [RJ277172] ?


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Apr 14, 2018
陵辱異種姦ダンジョン〜女冒険者を嬲り呑み込む白濁陵辱の迷宮〜 [RJ277172]
陵辱異種姦ダンジョン〜敗北した姫騎士は、魔物たちの輪姦で濃厚白濁精液漬け〜 RJ255626

Hello might be a long shot but i was wondering if anyone found a way/program to hook and extract text from the above games and other games from the circle. I really want to play the games but i don't know jp. It seems to be using Java.

INTVR and Texhooker don't seem to work so was wondering if there was any programs that people have managed to hook it with. Thank you.

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