[Album] Akatsuki no Goei -Tsumibukaki Shumatsuron- Original Soundtrack [MP3+Scans]


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Nov 26, 2010

Release Date: 27/10/2010
Published by: King Records
Composed by: Satoru Inohara / 井ノ原智 (Angel Note), Rekka Katakiri / 片霧烈火, wight, mo2, Barbarian On The Groove
Arranged by: Satoru Inohara / 井ノ原智 (Angel Note), Kyoya Hashimoto / 橋本鏡也, wight, mo2, Barbarian On The Groove
Artist: Yui Sakakibara / 榊原ゆい, Yashiro Kanzuki, Rekka Katakiri / 片霧烈火, Kahina / カヒーナ, Rian
Fire Format: MP3
Compression: RAR
Size: 146MB

01 Castle of Illusions
02 own justice
03 Into the Gunsight
04 Eye For An Eye
05 GSP
06 Accidental Fight
07 Break Thru
08 Gate to Lamentation
09 Unknown Journey
10 Master Of War
11 More Battlefield
12 The Doom Show
13 Crossing Gunpoint
14 Infiltration
15 A Hunting Cap and a Pipe
16 Huddle
17 After That
18 Hibiscus Passage
19 Sorrow
20 Another Myself
21 Half-light Tone
22 This is the End
23 Eternal Recurrence
24 Eternal Solitude

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