A Visitor from Great Nicholas


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Mar 2, 2021
A Visitor from Great Nicholas
by DiscipleN

Twas the night before Saturnalia,
And all around the world,
Great Nicholas was flying,
To protect boys and girls.

The invaders had spaceships,
With missiles and beams,
They killed brave reindeer,
To reach human beings.

Their species was desperate,
Their homeworld barren,
They looked to their neighbor,
For wombs to breed in.

But Nicholas was fast,
And in the blink of an eye,
He stuffed coal down their jets,
Til saucers couldn't fly.

Down fell those monsters,
Burning across the night's air,
Their mighty ships melted,
The only survivor despaired.

It landed in snow,
And skidded down the slope,
Of a winter covered mountain,
Halting to rest without hope.

Early merry morning,
Woke little Cindy Q.
From Daddy's log cabin,
She went out to the loo.

All night she had dreamed,
Of what Nicholas might bring,
To the tree she had bound,
With bright candy and string.

After wiping her trickle,
And pulling up her 'jams,
Cindy rushed 'cross the yard,
Past her old rusted pram.

Giggling she ran,
Around the decorated tree,
Looking high and low,
And what did she see?

Glistening more than ice,
In the colors of rainbows,
Lay a sad looking blob,
With seven tendrils in snow.

What toy could it be,
Thought our bright heroine?
Around the base of the blob,
Seven eyes were staring.

Neither pet nor stuffed toy,
Not one man would call it.
A horror by any name,
Cindy Q. adored it.

"Thank you, Great Nick!"
She shouted to the sky.
Follow by a shriek,
When, blink, went seven eyes.

Cindy leaped back,
Farther than ever before.
Her present was alive,
But its expression implored.

The poor, dear thing,
Her heart was to say.
Twas no bigger than a rabbit,
What harm could it play?

Raised by her daddy,
To be braver than bears.
Cindy started laughing,
After sharp lance of fear.

"You are a silly thing,
"With seven little arms.
"Your shiny, sad head,
"And your eyes are a charm."

The tip of one tendril,
Wiggled a tiny reply,
So weakly and shivering,
Cindy feared it might die.

"Can you come to me?
"Or should I pick you up?
"I'll take you inside,
"To let you warm up."

It managed to crawl,
Just halfway to the girl.
Cindy leaped to help,
Gathered it, arms curled.

She had thought it was cold,
But it warmed her.
The blob pulsed like a heart,
nestled, and purred.

Her tears were tiny icicles,
When they hit the ground,
She ran inside to Daddy.
But he couldn't be found.

In the middle of the night,
He had walked outside,
To place Cindy's gift,
Until he looked at the sky.

Daddy climbed up a hill,
To get a better view.
A flaming lump of metal,
Was the last thing he knew.

Cindy was accustomed,
To Daddy's frequent treks.
She always looked forward,
To the food he brought back.

The cabin, in winter,
Had plenty of stores.
Why Daddy was out,
Bothered Cindy no more.

She warmed by the hearth,
Cuddling her new pet.
Then she fetched a bowl of milk,
And placed it beside it.

It must have been starving,
How it rushed to the bowl,
Straddling the rim quickly,
It lowered its main hole.

The blob loudly slurped,
Like the littlest of dogs.
The bowl emptied so fast,
It acted like a hog.

"Grunt, grunt!" Cindy snorted,
"You're a hungry little pig."
Then she refilled the bowl,
To grow it strong and big.

It seemed finished drinking,
After it's third draft.
It climbed up Cindy's leg,
And curled on her lap.

By golly that tickled,
The length of her leg!
But Cindy was a big girl,
For more she wouldn't beg.

Watching flames leaping,
She was easily amused,
But when the blob started sucking,
She was more than confused.

It lie on her lap,
Mouth over her vee,
Sinking between her thighs,
Lips pressed to jammy.

"Oh! What is this feeling?"
The loving girl cried.
Her pet was mouthing,
The entrance to her inside.

"I think you should stop, Mister-"
She hadn't given it a name.
Surely it didn't know better.
And couldn't be blamed.

She grasped the blob and lifted,
But its tendrils latched on.
There was something it wanted,
And Cindy wasn't strong.

"Please let go, little blob."
Tears crept into her hair.
"Daddy always says.
"Only he can touch there."

The child had implied,
The presence of another,
The blob stopped sucking,
Wary of a human father.

"You do understand me!"
Cindy hugged it anew.
It let go of her legs.
Lifted up, it hugged too.

It slowly wrapped its tendrils,
Around the female's flat chest.
The girl wasn't ready, it learned,
To harbor the blob's nest.

They sat for an hour.
Another hour flew by.
Cindy became quite hungry.
Daddy never arrived.

It had happened before,
All day he'd disappear.
But Daddy never missed,
The best day of the year.

"Oh well." Cindy got up.
"I have a baby now."
It clung to her body,
While she made some chow.

When she cut into pancakes,
An arm or two or three,
Grabbed and held up slices,
Making it fun to eat.

The creature's many arms,
Had evolved long ago.
Each had a purpose,
One was able to grow.

The tip of another tendril,
Excreted clear fluid,
In tests, it affected humans,
Making them act lurid.

With every bite of pancake,
The blob dosed it slightly.
Cindy ate every cake,
Savoring delightedly.

"Those were the best pancakes,
"Yum-yum, they tasted good!"
It was time to clean up,
Like a good girl should.

After cleaning the dishes,
With tendrils helping out,
The kitchen was back in order.
Then she heard herself shout.

"Oh, Blob, now I feel quite hot,
"I must take off my clothes,
"And get into the bathtub,
"But first, please let go!"

Her gift unwrapped itself,
And crawled down her jammies,
Tickling along the way,
The buds of her mammies.

Cindy race to the bathroom,
And turned on the water.
Her blob explored the cabin,
Before crawling after.

The child was now naked,
It wished she was older,
Many hours had past,
But there came no father.

The fate of its species,
Now rested upon him.
He had morphed to a male,
Yet his prospects were dim.

Cindy spotted it crawling,
Across the wet tile.
She invited it to splash with her,
And laugh all the while.

"Now is Sater-nalla"
"It's the best time of year,
"Great Nick brings us presents."
"The world plays without care."

"My Daddy must be playing,
"Miles down the hill road,
"He meets pollys and jollies,
"Who help him to explode."

"I get close when trying alone."
Whispered little Cindy Q.
In time she would succeed,
But those hours would be few.

Her small visitor paused.
Humans were a terror.
His kind had sought this planet,
Not knowing their error.

Yet the pre-fertile spawnling,
Had been very giving,
She did not resist much,
The feelings now stirring.

For a second, he felt guilty,
About the drug he'd spent.
Then he remembered his mission,
He could never relent.

He crawled up the tub wall,
And balanced on the rim,
He gazed at the pretty girl,
Before diving right in.

The child may have been young,
For a human vessel,
But some things could be done,
So he started to wrestle.

Splish-splash, his arms flew,
Flailing the water.
Cindy shrieked and splashed back,
Fearing how they sought her.

The tips of those tentacles,
Moved with great function.
They stimulated nerve centers,
And hormone production.

New feeling sprang to life,
Within Cindy Q.'s head.
Body quivering and trembling,
Her skin seemed almost to shed.

She scrubbed and she scrubbed,
To wash sensations away.
When washcloth met nipples,
It was more than she could say.

Her mouth flew wide open,
But not one sound came out.
Not til he touched low,
Did she manage to shout.

"Oh, BLOB, that's not right!"
But her worry had changed.
Instead of denying her pet,
She let tentacles range.

While cloth rubbed her buds,
Lightly, one to the next,
The blob fully latched on,
Sucking mouth to her sex.

Cindy Q. gasp in shock,
From the mouth on her clitty.
Her hands froze in place,
Giving rest to her titties.

"No, BLOB, no!" She cried,
And climbed out of the tub.
It struck the rim and fell off.
She gave herself a test rub.

It hadn't hurt her, not at all,
But its manners were poor.
Cindy had had quite enough,
Should she put it outdoors?

It crawled up dripping,
And gave a little shake.
Its eyes looked quite sorry,
A pitiful sight did it make.

"What should I do,
"To make you understand?
"I loved you right away,
"But you get out of hand."

Then the visitor saw truly,
This girl wasn't lying.
The tears on her cheeks,
Made him sad for trying.

For all the rape guided brains,
In his prismatic meat.
He recognized love, just a little,
Where his pumping organ beat.

Silence fell between them,
The blob heaved and relaxed.
Cindy began to towel herself,
Emotionally over-taxed.

She hung up the towel,
And wandered to her room.
The best day of the year,
Had fallen into gloom.

The creature was stirred,
By a force deep inside.
Evolution didn't care,
If a blob raped its bride.

Natural selection's dice,
Had let raping genes top,
Their planet's ecosystem,
Until the system stopped.

Instinct fought intelligence.
Knowledge gave him pause,
He never would have debated,
If not for Great Nicholas.

The last of his kind,
He was right to multiply,
But a little girl's kindness,
Made him question, "rape or die."

Instincts are so strong,
The wisest can succumb.
One blob of once billions,
Chose to rape and cum.

His tentacles carried him,
Across the wooden floor,
Past the hearth where they'd rested,
To the little girl's door.

He couldn't reach the handle,
But wasn't barred from the room.
He flowed under the gap,
Ready to start Earth's doom.

Cindy Q. saw it enter,
She sat ready on her bed.
"I'm very sorry I spoiled it,
"Our Sater-nalla." She said.

"Daddy used to tell me,
"Presents are not the prize.
"What's best is the giving."
She spread her naked thighs.

"So, I'm sorry, little blob.
"You are the best gift ever,
"But I didn't think to give,
"When your touches made me shiver."

"Please forgive me, Blob.
"Come climb into my bed.
"Maybe you are not my gift.
"But I am yours, instead."

The creature scurried swiftly,
To the girl's closest foot.
Tentacles climbed her roughly,
Seeking to plant his root.

She lay back on her blanket,
As the blob mounted her hips.
She cried tears of thankfulness,
When a tendril touched her lips.

"Shhhhh," the blob hissed,
From the mouth between her legs.
Another tendril found pussy,
Where it could access eggs.

Cindy's groan was muffled,
By the arm pressing her face.
Slithering into her mouth,
It sealed her tongue in place.

Two more slimy tentacles,
Lengthened towards her titties.
Tips curling around their nubs,
Bit them like hungry kitties.

Then the beast's special arm,
Grew wet and fat and long.
It licked her bare little slit.
Preparing for insertion.

The blob, mad from lust,
Pushed inside with a thrust,
And then Cindy Q learned,
The effect of her trust.

The pains that Blob caused,
To Cindy's invaded body,
Flushed tears out high,
And low, juices bloodied.

She squealed against the thing,
That fucked inside her throat,
And bucked her ass wildly,
From penetrating rope.

His ovipenitor,
Dug far within her cunt.
It strained to pierce her cervix,
And through to womb, shunt.

Rapture filled the creature.
Every arm rubbed with glee.
The girl's pain wracked body,
Was a joyous sight to see.

"Take that, hated Nicholas."
It thought with raging joy.
"If young cunt can bear my fruit,
"Next I will rape a boy."

Slowly, the girl beneath,
Writhed a different way.
Her shrieks sounded lighter,
Like dawn breaking into day.

To hear her cries better,
He withdrew his fleshy gag,
And fucked nipples and puss harder.
What he heard made him sag.

"If only Daddy were watching,
"He'd be proud of me today.
"My first Sater-nalla lover,
"Makes me cum all the way!"

"I love his magic arms,
"How they grow and rape me good.
"Please, Sir, stuff my lips again.
"And fill my mouth with hot fluid."

The child was no longer hurting.
His raping gave her pleasure.
Brains driven by lust and hate,
Short-circuited past measure.

It was said his fluid pumping organs,
Washed his raping brains that day,
With a new kind of chemical,
Which reprogrammed his DNA.

His mind elevated to ecstasy,
A height no blob had reached.
His tendrils tensed and exploded,
Juices towards eggs beseeched.

Cindy Q., too young to catch,
Nor by love be seeded,
Used her prepubescent cunt,
To give Blob what he needed.

His main, thrusting tentacle,
Felt inner muscles grip.
They squeezed and sucked every drop,
Of gushing tentacle spit.

His body thrummed, arms spasmed,
She brought him joy unknown.
Their bodies entwined frantically,
Sharing what neither could own.

And when their appendages fell,
To bed drenched from release,
They hummed and purred together,
With love never to cease.

Finally, the Earth was safe.
A new kind of blob was formed.
It's eventual, fertilized eggs,
By human love would be warmed.

In telling, we hope this tale,
Has given to all of you,
The miracle of Saturnalia,
And eager, erectile tissue.


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