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Sep 12, 2016

Hi to all! This time I'll share to us the A-CHANNEL BDBox bonus CD, which is called "Music Channel"

This disc in particular have the song called "Viba鍋! よっつ星", and it's the insert song of the 2017 OVA, but nobody upload the song, and I contact with a Twitter user called Lenin_f_g (https://twitter.com/Lenin_f_g) and him give me the song
But I don't wanted to trouble him so much, and I'm take the job of make a "home" version of this Box, with all the original Bonus CD songs in FLAC plus the one what is new

If you want to share it, you can, but just do a mention to Lenin


Disc 1 (Japanese):
01. Morning Arch
02. ハミングガール
03. バルーンシアター
04. スマイル方程式
05. 大切な場所
07. Viba鍋! よっつ星

Disc 1 (Romaji):
01. Morning Arch
02. Humming Girl
03. Balloon Theater
04. Smile Houteishiki
05. Taisetsuna Basho
07. Viba Nabe! Yottsu Hoshi


Disc 2 (Japanese):
01. はるかぜの化学
02. Start
03. ぎゅっとして欲しいんだ
04. summer dream syndrome
05. Mermaid Sisters
06. 探検のススメ
07. Summer breeze
08. オチャメロディカルビューティバンバン
09. 恋一夜夢一夜
10. ともだち
11. 君の手
12. 翼はないけど
13. オカシナ時間
14. Happy Snow
15. きっと ずっと もっと
16. 未確認飛行ガール

Disc 2 (Romaji):
01. Harukaze no Kagaku
02. Start
03. Gyutto Shite Hoshiinda
04. summer dream syndrome
05. Mermaid Sisters
06. Tanken no Susume
07. Summer breeze
08. Ocha Melodical Beauty Banban
09. Koi Ichiya Yume Ichiya
10. Tomodachi
11. Kimi no Te
12. Tsubasa wa Nai Kedo
13. Okashi na Jikan
14. Happy Snow
15. Kitto Zutto Motto
16. Mikakunin Hikou Girl


Disc 3:
01. awake
02. alongside
03. academic
04. apple
05. artistic
06. awful
07. anxious
08. april fool
09. aggressive
10. amazing
11. air
12. approach
13. attack
14. ace
15. alone
16. accept
17. avenue
18. agony
19. about
20. accident
21. advise
22. à la mode
23. around
24. absurd
25. anywhere
26. angel
27. audience
28. addict
29. above
30. actress
31. again
32. almost
33. ashamed
34. active
35. absent
36. alarm
37. abnormal
38. august
39. autumn
40. afternoon


Download Links (Baidu):
MP3: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1TxbpCD3c4N2mOPJn3Ngkrg Pass: z31x
FLAC Part 1: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1v6adZXa6zVe8hQXAVM2u9Q Pass: 60xk
FLAC Part 2: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1g1bkQuieWvC0OIkTKxgICQ Pass: g710
FLAC Part 3: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1iW89Dw6HXjfolwTcXXyorA Pass: ne9b
Individual Song: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Ot8V14pPf_HG7lBLl3tFpw Pass: 6f4w

Download Links (MEGA):
MP3: https://ouo.io/Jnz4Ua
FLAC Part 1: https://ouo.io/lin4ts
FLAC Part 2: https://ouo.io/SvBEBdD
FLAC Part 3: https://ouo.io/7DiGUy8
Individual Song: https://ouo.io/NYOe74

Download Links (MediaFire):
MP3: https://ouo.io/9LJQE4
FLAC Part 1: https://ouo.io/yi3aSD
FLAC Part 2: https://ouo.io/yKL2QOE
FLAC Part 3: https://ouo.io/9ueKW67
Individual Song: https://ouo.io/8DsHd1

Download Links (Mirrored):
MP3: https://ouo.io/qbGawg
FLAC Part 1: https://ouo.io/bkimkq
FLAC Part 2: https://ouo.io/vAyI02
FLAC Part 3: https://ouo.io/1yrEZqE
Individual Song: https://ouo.io/9f8Lai

Ok, this is all, enjoy the song!

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