Defenestration - New Version 0.25a

Language: English
Version: 0.25a
Censored: No
Size: 839 mb

What's New in Defenestration Version - 0.25a?
– Fixed game “freeze” during Lenn-Y’s initial interaction.
– Some dialogues were working out of order, they should work fine now.

Due to some changes in code – your save files won’t work properly, events and dialogues won’t play out “the right way”. Please start a new game, and save often.
(Seriously, I’ve changed a lot, save often!)
Updated artbook and a bugfix will be ready later this week.
Rework of variables and stats
Rewrites of some events
Interface change
Implementation of random events “System”
Final hypnosis session with “Chief Officer”
First random event (conditions: wear “ghost cut” casual outfit, hypnosis level 1, use subway), it has stages. 10% chance of triggering.
Pressing “A” key – shows Kira’s bust on screen
Pressing “S” key – hides it
Pressing “Ctrl” key – hides textbox
Holding down “Enter”, “Z”, “left mouse button” or “esc” – fast forwards dialogues.
You can get another jacket at dorm (second floor, wardrobe), after completing “Suit up” quest and talking with “Tolstoy” again.
You can change between cuts of your “casual outfit” for 5 rubles at the tailor shop.
Jacket and “Ghost cut” change their appearance after new hypnosis session.
Started adding reactions to some npcs (to Kira’s tattoo, her outfit).
Testing out “fame system”.
Other things.


Download From Rapidgator
Pantisniff - Pearldymes - Version 0.2182

Developer / Publisher: Pantisniff
Tags: pantisniff, unity, 2dcg, 3d animation, monster sex, oral sex,

Language: English
Censorship: No
Version: 0.2182
OS: Win
Size: 1330 megabytes.

PearlDymes is a role-playing game for hentai. The goal of the game is to get your own monster girl, which you can feed, clean, train, fuck, melt, breed and use in battles. In addition, we also want to create some kind of adventure mode, but at the moment we are working to make all the basic mechanics done. The game is in early development, but we are releasing alpha builds for our supporters to test and report bugs. This game is our current main project, so you can expect this game to be updated. Not all functions are implemented yet, so if you do not like playing an unfinished game, do not download the alpha build. Also, not everything that you see in this game is final, so all the animations, gameplay and artwork that you see will be improved or replaced.


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Welcome to the Adventurers' Inn!

Tags: peperoncino, slg, fantasy, internal cumshot, pregnancy, impregnation, violation blowjob, big breasts,

Censorship: Yes
Language: Jap / Eng
Version: 2018-06-27
OS: Win
Size: 744.69 MB
he Adventurers' Inn.

As the owner of the inn,

let's "sleep-r*pe" beautiful girls in their sleep!!

Regardless of how strong they are,
female adventurers are just helpless maidens when sleeping!

A pure-minded priestess,
a crafty thief,
and even the strongest female hero!

They all expose their amorousness defenselessly!

Let's spike food with sleeping pills and aphrodisiac drugs!
Grow your business to host more girls!

As a result of repeated sleep ecchi, girls might be captivated by your d*ck!?

Corrupt, recruit and impregnate!

An Inn Business Simulation Game

"Welcome to the Adventurers' Inn!"


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Demon Master Chris - Version 1.10

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 1.10
OS: Win
Size: 1.40 GB

Demon Master Chris puts you in the role of a sorceress who is lost
in the catacombs of Other Realm.
Slay spirits, make friends and endure tantalizing lesbian encounters
as you attempt to escape the darkness.
You don't have to rely on your strength alone:
magical garments will endow you with different powers,
and demons can be contracted to fight alongside you.
A simple, speedy 3D Dungeon RPG.


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Eiyuu -Senki: The World Conquest

Censorship: No
Language: Eng / Jap
Version: JAST USA 1.04 or Fan-Translation 1.7 + Save + JastUSA 1.4 Patch + Eiyu Senki Manual
OS: Win
Size: In Download.

Set in a world run by powerful nations where heroes battle one another for control, Britannia wishes to unite the world through peace, while the European Union has taken an aggressive stance. The seafaring nation of Vinland thrives on pillaging and plundering, while far to the East, the island country of Zipang is faced with civil war. In the midst of all this Himiko, a ruler in Zipang, seeks to unite the world for the sake of peace. Her ambitions are high but so far she has only seen defeat. One day, while retreating from battle, a mysterious hero falls from the sky and joins Himiko’s cause. The two now set their sights on the war burning around them.​


JAST USA Version:
1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Eiyu Senki.exe" to start playing.
3- If you downloaded v1.03, apply the patch (put the .exe inside the game folder and run), the main links are now v1.03.
Fan-Translation Version:
You have to change locale to Japanese.
No need to install.
Creators of this patch:
id2iqd from Baator, Cania - created 1.2. patch;
WinkelHime from Rutracker - messing with script and graphic, made those DLC characters OP/nerfed them, uncensored custom patch;
Wolfmoren from Rutracker - various technical stuff, script editing, implementation of PS3 subtitles system, image editing;
SurferDude2016 from Hongfire - translation of H scenes, additional translation, integration of PS3/PC events;
Donovan20055 from Hongfire - additional translation of game settings and other minor stuff.
Special thanks:
W8m - for arc_conv tool.
Hitpads from Hongfire - for sharing of his owned PS Vita Eyuu Senki game files;
AceWell and chrrox from XeNTaX forum - for decoding .gtx format, used by Ps Vita ES.
Known Issues:
Messed formatting in backlog;
Patch is tested on Japanese locale. Using Applocale and other garbage on your own risk;
A reminder to everyone that replaying the H-scenes from the Scene Gallery may not always show the entire scene.
In some cases, dialogue before and/or after the actual sex is skipped by using this method, so the recommended way to see the translated H-scenes in full is to load a save before they take place.
If the game crashes when loading a save file(saved in VN mode), use save file, made on world map;
If there’s a crash on clicking “Continue” button: delete/remove from %user%\Saved Games\TENCO\英雄*戦姫\UserData all files, except: AUKeyMap.dat, AUPass.dat, AUPlay0001.dat, AUShare.dat, Share.dat, AUConfig.ini, Config.ini, Info.txt.

Save File Location:
Copy the "Save" attached in OP to ~/Saved Games/TENCO/あなたをあきらめるつもりはありません/UserData/ for the fan translation or ~/Saved Games/JAST/Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest/UserData/ for the JAST version. It unlocks everything in the gallery and works with either version.


1.04 (03/04/2018): Fixes the autoplay voice playback bug.
1.03 (11/13/2017): Corrects typos and improves dialog in over 10 scenes.
1.02 (10/27/2017): Fixes possible "Syntax Error" crashing when starting certain missions.
1.01 (10/25/2017): Fixes an issue in the India route that might cause the game to crash.
1.00 (10/24/2017): Official Release

Added Uncensored images from JAST.

Version Differences:

Please do not confuse Eiyuu*Senki with Eiyuu*Senki GOLD. GOLD being a alternate version of the game with different storyline and more added content, this one hasn't been translated by anyone besides a UI translation (Maybe in the future).

Now, Eiyuu*Senki got an official localization in the west by JAST USA, of course the game already had a fan-translation before this happened. So what are the differences?
Main difference is that the Fan-Translation took content from other sources such as PSVITA and PS3 versions, below is the comprehensive list of things that the fan-translation has over the official:
The 15 non-H scenes that still contained various amounts of Japanese due to PS3 censorship reasons;
The song titles in the Music Gallery;
The names of all characters in the Voice Details menu (credit goes to donovan20055 of HongFire forum).
Ported alternative PS3 events in form of optional separate events. Some PC and PS3/Vita Events were merged for coherence.
Added all new CGs from PS3 version.
Added all exclusive CGs from PS Vita version. Upscale 30% or use “no_upscale” version.
Expanded CG Gallery for PS3+PS Vita CGs.
Restoration of all voice files, recorded specifically for PS3/PS Vita.
Michelangelo Graphics Fix 3.0 - all original PS Vita files restored, with ~30% upscale to PC resolution.
Porting of PS3 system of English subtitles (voices in battle and world map).
New font size for visual novel part of game. Decrease font size from 27 to 25.
Fully translated game settings.
Adds display of critical chance in battle (%).
Adds selection of difficulty mode in game start:
Hard (150%, previously unlocked after true end);
Very Hard (new, 200%);
Nightmare (new, 300%, unlocked after true end). Game may or may not became impossible to complete in this mode.
Bug fixes and new upgrades for Gennai/Toshiro:
Extra item slot after conquering Egypt;
New ability after conquering North America;
Final Ultimate skill after conquering Inca.
It's likely that someone will make a patch for the JAST USA version with the this content in the future, and this doesn't make the JAST USA version obsolete since it's an official localization.


Download From Rapidgator

Win Version
Eiyuu_Senki - (2.69 GB)

Win Version
EiyuSenkiJAST_v1.03 - (2.31 GB)


100 Save File (82 Kb)

Eiyuu Senki Manual (21.46 MB)

Alansya Chronicles - Fleeting Iris - Version 0.87B + Walkthrough + RPGVXAce RTP

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 0.87B + Walkthrough + RPGVXAce RTP
OS: Win
Size: In Download.

An FBI agent flies to Japan in a mission, he meets a girl called Ayame. They fall in love and he asks her to move to the USA with him.Having never met her father and having her mother die 2 years earlier, Ayame had very little that bind her to Japan so she moved in the USA to him.
A game about a regular woman and her fiance who engage in a story with lots of cheating, blackmailing, heavy corruption and a background of netorare. You will decided how the story unfolds one month before their marriage which is when the game will take place.

Password for the CG ROOM (Debug room) is 84134956

Full screen mode ALT + ENTER. At whom errors at start we install additional libraries from archive


• Fixed a bug where returning home while on Free Roam from Melvin's route would cause a black screen in the next morning.

• Fixed a bug where you would go home, trigger the dialogue, in the morning trigger the photoshoot, and the morning after trigger the dialogue from the previous morning. (Was hard to reproduce, probably no one got it).

• Fixed a catastrophic game bug that made the game absolutely unplayable where Matt asked for a whisky and was served a coffee instead.

• Game should now reflect the correct version instead of v0.86b

• Fixed a bug where you could buy multiple movie theater tickets eventually never triggering the Sato cinema scene. You trigger it in the ticket line, not in the cinema itself.

• Regarding the black screen in a multitude of routes. We confirmed that it was only caused by old saves. Our apologies. That should be pretty self-explanatory how to "fix".


Download From Rapidgator

Win Version (1.28 GB)

RPGVXAce RTP (185.76 MB)

Walkthrough (15.02 MB)

Taffy Tales - Version 0.5.2D

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 0.5.2D
OS: Win/Mac
Size: In Download.
In "Taffy Tales" you will see the story of a regular guy with a split personality and his journey in a small town where almost every common citizen has his uncommon dark side. Dozens of characters with their families and relations, an original story, lots of side quests and a lot of adult art awaits you!

cheat code - ecNHw0KI

Taffy Tales patch v.0.5.2D notes:

• Updated version for Android platform.

• Added new mini-games to gain money and up character corruption.

• Added new character parameters (corruption, immorality).

• Added 2 new unique characters (Natalie, Jennifer).

• Added 2 story beginnings (Natalie, Jennifer).

• Continued 4 stories (Mary, Danny, Becca, Clara).

• Added 1 new location (Jennifer's backyard).

• Added shop for the purchase of items.

• Added new items.

• Added 25+ new scenes with 25+ unique images.

• Added 50+ new short scenes.

• Added 10+ new small talk scenes.

• Added save/load game option.

• Added progress bar to view % of game left to view.

• Added quests menu.

• Added character parameters menu.

• Added confirmation panel to erase saved data, load new data, close the game and etc.

• Improved day count panel.

• Redone dialog box. New font and character assigned colors for easier readability.

• Redone a lot of existing scenes.

• Redone backgrounds (Mary bedroom, bathroom).

• Fixed bug with hiding dialog box.

• Increased time for puzzle mini-game at all stages.

• Fixed character name bug in some diagues.

• Added cheat codes(get it here).

• Completed a lot of improvements for all game platforms.


Download From Rapidgator

Win Version (1.19 GB)

Mac Version (1.20 GB)

Fran And Sinner's Island - Final Version

Censorship: Yes
Language: Eng
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size: 705.86 MB


There is an island where was in past a place to banish sinners.
A knightess girl arrives at this island while pursuing a fugitive criminal...

An orthodox RPG with story branching in the middle of scenario.
Especially, you will see different H scenes in different branch.
Mainly contains violation scenes.

After ending, you can get back to the branching point.


Download From Rapidgator

Sweet Home : My Sexy Roommates - Final Version + Patch

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: Final + Patch
OS: Win
Size: 1.99 GB

Ryuichi is a university student. He used to live alone and enjoyed his school life. But one day, his apartment was destroyed by a fire…. He reluctantly comes back to his house. But his house has been changed to a boarding house for girls…! It seems there is no place for him to live. But they all allow him to stay there together! His new life begins like this…


Download From Rapidgator

Download Patch

A Town Uncovered - Version 0.19b + INC Patch

Date: 15.07.2018
Language: English
Version: 0.19b
Censored: No
Size: 521 mb

Tags: Ren'py, Visual Novel, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, Milf, All Sex, Blowjob, Anal, Doggystyle, Hardcore Sex, Family sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Voyeur

Info: You play a senior high school student who just moved into a new town, but straightaway, you have a feeling that it's not the usual town that one would expect. This town holds a secret that's causing the locals to disappear and acting strangely. It's not going to be a smooth ride for you, it seems like trouble and weird events are attracted your way.
What features are going to be in this game?
This game features a main story, character relationships and development, skill stats, a wide variety of fetishes, side quests, a town to explore with many locations and even more interior locations, and of course, H-scenes.

Password for 0.19b = ninetyplus

Old saves are not compatible
You will get an error screen using 0.18 saves

INC Patch:!18dCABRT!lesTP8eEJujSHGgcS_r0pPJBVkTwgX19TbLIRQl2iiI
Content Changed
-Family Routes Enabled
Patch Instructions
Extract the zip, and place the file in the "Game" folder located in the main directory for ATownUncovered


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Harem - Version 2 c7m5.2 + Walkthrough

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 2c7m5.2 + Walkthrough
OS: Win
Size: 1050 megabytes.

Harem is a story-drive adult RPG using RPG Maker Ace and 3dcg for the illustrated scenes. You are a traveler from a distant, unknown land on a desperate quest to save your homeland. A cabal of mages cast a curse on your people, making the women of your land barren and promising to end your country in a single generation. Shipwrecked in a strange land you know nothing about, an angel saves you and bestows you with magical powers. As you explore this new land, you will become ensnared in the politics and plots of its inhabitants as you seek to build a harem of beautiful women to bring back to your people to give birth to the next generation. But there is far more going on than what you see at first and you will discover that nothing is as it seems.​

Harem c7m6
Content additions
-In your first training session you learned quite a bit about Chinua. It's time to start molding her into a suitable woman, and her fellow Elani Kathleen should be helpful in doing so.
-Rachel's shop has started selling Orichalcum weapons and if you do some work she might be able to add some armor into the shop. And some new moves in the bedroo... dungeon! After getting her assessed at first.
-While you met all kinds of beautiful women at Mercalius's party, everyone else seems more interested in the dead body found the morning after. Maybe if you investigate the latter you'll find the former.
-The quest to find a way to get to the mysterious Eldari is coming to a close, but you'll need to find the earth elementals. If you only had a woman in the harem who can sense elementals and just got a lot more powerful.
-Speaking of training, Donnie/Tomas is helping to train your women now. Angelica's turn, although her standards are quite high...
-6 new scenes added to the game! (likely another 1-2 to come)
-181 new images, 186 pages of new text (likely another ~20 to come)

Bug fixes/QoL changes
-Updated a few characters at base
-Donna will relearn her Inner Focus skill if she had it in Celee
-Various portrait/text fixes
-Updated ch6+ mechanical guide to make it a bit more readable.


Download From Rapidgator


Shota completion plan

Censorship: Yes
Language: Eng
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size:818 MB

Year 2XXX. Due to destruction of the X chromosome the male birth rate is in an ever perilous situation. Then, finally, I am the last male.
– Women! If you find a male anywhere on this earth, have sexual relations right away. This is to save mankind!
Sexy gaze of women who face me… Women attack one after the other
To restore the world, I need to find items!!

— Sex scenes —

This is a reverse r*pe RPG in which Shota is forcibly attacked. Fellatio, titty f*cking, firm hold reverse r*pe etc..
All scenes are animated!

Cute girls attack our hero like beasts. Anal finger torture while giving a handjob, forced c*nt licking, gangbang titty f*cking. For ultra-M males.

Animation battle f*ck that starts when you encounter girls. If you ejaculate… you lose. Voices included from a star-studded cast


Download From Rapidgator
Violated Hero -I Wanted to Chivalrously Save the World / 犯され勇者~凛々しく世界を救うハズだったボク…~

Original title: 犯され勇者~凛々しく世界を救うハズだったボク…~
Developer / Publisher: Dieselmine / ディーゼルマイン
Tags: dieselmine, jrpg, fantasy, monsters, demons, furry,
Censorship: Yes
Language: Jap/Eng
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size: 714 megabytes.
Dragoness, Mystic Warrior, Elf, Mandragora, Thief, Slime Girl...
To save the world the hero challenges each vixen of evil!
(and gets gleefully r*ped by her when he loses)
An epic, erotic fantasy world.
You are the naively driven hero who wants to vanquish villainy at its source: the Dragon inhabiting historic ruins!
It's a quest of many meetings, from normal to protective monster girls, and for some reason they're all sexual...
Can you rise to victory? Will you protect the peace of the world!?
Or will you falter, fail and die in a glorious blaze of sex...?
































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I Walk Among Zombies - Final Version

Censorship: Yes
Language: Eng
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size: 849.47 MB

The story follows Yusuke, an office worker who became a shut-in after he lost his job. On one of the rare days he decides to go outside, a strange man attacks him. After getting bit by the man, Yusuke escapes back to his apartment and suffers a fever that leaves him bedridden for a few days. When he wakes up, he finds the world infested with zombies, with few surviving humans. The strangest discovery he makes is that none of the zombies attack him.

“Why am I the only one the zombies don’t attack?”

How will Yuusuke take advantage of his new situation, and what will he discover?

Based on the hit novel from the adult novel site Nocturne Novels!​


Download From Rapidgator
Crimson Memories / Tokiiro ni Moyuru Kokoro Akaneiro ni Moyuru Kioku

Original title: 鴇色に萌ゆる心 茜色に燃ゆる記憶
Developer / Publisher: Magic House / まじっくハウス
Tags: magic house, female protagonist, vaginal sex, creampie, 2dcg, japanese game, censored, fantasy, multiple endings,

Censorship: Yes
Language: Jap/Eng
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size: In Download.

The protagonist (you) of this story Tilia (soon to be 20) is a little bit of a tomboy.
One day, when she was working, a mysterious man appears before her.
He abducts and takes her to a man named Sirius.
This man Sirius, tells her that a secret lies behind the death of her parents and that if she wanted to know that secret then she would have to do some investigation work on his behalf at the Bilballard palace...

In order to find out the secret, Tilia ends up working as a servant at the palace.
But will she really be able discover the truth behind her parent's unexplained death?


Download From Rapidgator

English Version
Win Version (414.44 MB)

Quickie Premium + Quickie Christmas Premium (Collection)

Tags: oppai games, anal sex, bdsm, big ass, big tits, cosplay, creampie, dating sim, exhibitionism, handjob, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, oral sex, romance, school setting, seduction, slice of life, spanking, stripping, teasing, titfuck, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism,

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: Aria, Christmas Special, Hanami Special (BUGGY), Mai, Reika, Sara, Satomi, Toshiko, Victoria, Professor Belmont
OS: Win/Mac
Size: In Download.

Hi, we are Oppai Games! A small team of two who are passionate about making beautiful and fun erotic games
We wanted to make smaller and sweeter experiences which still felt full and polished. Something that was still of very high quality and could be released more often for people to play every month. So we came up with Quickie!

Quickie is a series of erotic visual novels ...that are shorter
than your average visual novel, but still delivers on a full, fun and sexy experience.
If you like our games, want to see how we work, want to get your name in game or just want to give us a wee tip - any amount is incredibly appreciated and we thank you for your contribution!


Download From Rapidgator

Win/ Mac Version (278.19 MB)

Christmas Special (36.62 MB)

Rape Quest - Final Version

Developer / Publisher: Dbugger, Moonblack, Neodragon,
Tags: dbugger, moonblack, neodragon, rpg, fantasy, female heroine, big tits, big breasts, rape, group, anal, oral, sex toys, сreampie, bukkake, yuri, monster,

Censorship: Yes
Language: Eng
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size: 195.31 MB

A game with a long history. The original version was created by Dbugger around 2010-2011. Later the game took to finish neodragon, the latest version of it was created on October 12, 2011. And already on the basis of this fashion the game was supplemented by moonblack, which made its version until 2013. Find the original, without all these modifications, I could not. So in the game there is both an original art, and pulled from third-party sources by modders.
The plot tells of a young adventurer Eve, helping residents of their town to flee from numerous problems: bloodthirsty orcs, vicious ghosts, cruel bandits


Download From Rapidgator

Town of Passion Version 0.7.1 Beta + Walkthrough

Developer / Publisher: Siren's Domain
Tags: rpg, adventure, fantasy, milf

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 0.7.1 Beta + Walkthrough
OS: Win
Size: 807 megabytes.

Town of Passion is an adventure styled RPG, where you play as a common villager living in the small town of Valencia; a town full of many secrets. After stumbling into an unknown realm, the villager learns that there's an important role for him to fulfill: utilize Pleasure to save those that watch over Valencia.

The game play is a mix of Relationship Building, Exploration, Training, and Puzzles! Talk to and help out the women of Valencia in order to unlock the mysteries of the village. Train your stats to unlock new abilities, and the hearts of the villagers. And explore numerous secrets and puzzles to be found in the various realms of the world


Download From Rapidgator

Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery + Patch (+18) + Walkthrough

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: Final + Patch (+18) + Walkthrough
OS: Win
Size: In Download.

Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery is a fun adult visual novel filled with romance and adventure. You play as Thomas Middleton, a first-year student, who tries to get by while encountering a diverse set of wacky and fascinating characters along the way!

Oakwood features an engaging story with rich dialogue from characters, accompanied by vivid scenery and character artwork! There is also choice making involved for the player which can lead to many different paths and dialogues. The game includes tons of high-quality CGs, Backgrounds, and Character sprites!

- Visual novel game with sexy content

- More than Sixteen different endings

- Multiple routes and choices that affect the ending

- A playful well-written story-line.

- Multiple save slots and full visual novel functions.

- High-quality artwork of characters, backgrounds, and CG scenes.


Download From Rapidgator

Win Version (881.79 MB)

Patch (+18) (848 Bytes)

Walkthrough (22.07 KB)

Beyond Eden / Eden-ui Neomeo / 에덴의 너머

Original title: 에덴의 너머
Developer / Publisher: Studio Pieplus
Tags: gay, yaoi, male-male etc, softcore, historical

Censorship: No
Language: English (Korean Voices)
Version: 1.0 Final
OS: Win
Size: 1090 megabytes.
Beyond Eden is a Boy's love visual novel set in the Victorian era, centering on the themes of love-hate and revenge. As protagonist Alex, the player may proceed to destroy an aristocratic family while pursuing complex relationships with 6 different male characters. Does the fall await beyond Eden?​


Download From Rapidgator
Good Girl Gone Bad - Version 0.18 Alpha

Date: 31.07.2018
Language: English
Version: 0.18 Alpha
Censored: No
Size: 733 mb

Tags: Ren'py, Visual Novel, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Anal, Handjob, Titsjob, Hardcore Sex, Doggystyle, Interracial, Threesome, Groped, Humilation, Futa on Female, Lesbian, Seduction, Old Man, Hardcore Sex, Cheating,

Info: You play as Ashley and make choices that will affect her story in a meaningful way. Are you a good girl or a bad one? Will you stay in the right path or deviate and fall prey to the temptations you'll find in your way? Whatever you choose, it will lead to interesting, exciting and vastly different outcomes. This game aims to present you a complex, branching and coherent story, with deep characters and a lot of freedom, with completely hand crafted, hand drawn assets and a very unique art style, different from the usal 3D models. And a lot of kinky scenes and situations!


Download From Rapidgator

Starlight Drifter - Full Game (Completed )

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: Completed
OS: Win/Mac
Size: 733.35 MB

After following a strange signal you find an amazing spaceship left derelict in space, before you know it you have yourself a small crew and can finally live your dream of exploring space.​

Starlight Drifter is a sci-fi RPG, that puts you in the captain seat to make a name for yourself in the universe. The gameplay is primarily that of a visual novel, but includes open world aspects, so that you can choose what you do, what missions to take and in between missions who to chat to and potentially get to know better... Perhaps even intimately. All of which will determine how you make your mark on the universe and the games final ending.

- Create your own Character (name, appearance & background).
- Play the way you want, make the decisions yourself.
- Explore the galaxy as you see fit, choose which locations to visit.
- Build a crew to give you more options and more 'friends'.
- Various Crew Romances & Flings to explore as you see fit.
- Dozens of different events and storylines to explore in your own time.
- Multiple endings based on your successes and failures throughout the game.


Download From Rapidgator

Urban Demons - Version + Patch

Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: + Patch
OS: Win
Size: 1.23 GB

Urban Demons, a tale of two souls lost in the darkness. Take control of Peter, the perverted young male, as you journey around the city seeking to complete your goals. Encounter a variety of women, all of whom you can talk and interact with... or more!

However, discover your fate as you travel into the very depths of hell to uncover the truth of who you are. But more importantly who or what you will become.

Your main goal is to corrupt all the women you can find as you travel between the real world and the Otherworld. This goal becomes slightly easier when you are blessed by demonic forces. But are these powers there to merely help you? Or are there more sinister motives at hand?

Copy the Data folder over the Data folder located inside the Urban Demons game. Replace all files it asks.
If it doesn't ask you to replace files, chances are you did it wrong!


Download From Rapidgator



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You are here because your parents did something HENTAI before . If you enjoy in any hentai product , don't forget them .
Always be grateful
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[ハチハチダヌキ] てんせいせいかつ -TS娘とただれた夏休み-ver1.3.3
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Could you upload RJ428404 update ?