[Hentai game] [230818] [Ricotta(リコッタ)] Walkure Romanze + Maxi Single [H-Game] [English Patch]


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Oct 18, 2010

Remember: Keep seeding after the download ^^

baka girlcelly - NemuAndHaruka Happy download ^_^

girlcelly said:

PS 1: Direct Links for this game could be found at here: :)

Direct Download Links said:
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http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/[Question & Answer]-24181/

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is this the same as the 2011 version with English patch?

Edit: NVM it is 2011 version. was hoping they make remaster or HD version of both of their games and dlc. and also uncensored but that is a wishful thought.
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