[Japanese] [220812][やぶから堂] ネジ込みシミュレーターVol1.5 -おかっぱ巨乳ちゃんをパワーアップした極太ディルドーにずぽずぽさせるオナホシミュレーター-【PC&Android版】Ver.1.21 [RJ405738]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • NejicomiSimulator Vol. 1.5: Big-Titty Bob Cut is Back! [PC & Android Ver.]

    Title: ネジ込みシミュレーターVol1.5 -おかっぱ巨乳ちゃんをパワーアップした極太ディルドーにずぽずぽさせるオナホシミュレーター-【PC&Android版】
    Company: やぶから堂
    Release: 2022/08/12
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ405738.html

    Control a busty, limbless girl as she bobs and bounces on a big dildo!

    CV: yukine (@yukiyukijuhachi)

    She reacts to your movements in real time! Stick it in and watch her belly bulge! Drop her on suddenly and she'll have a different reaction... it may be fantasy, but these are some realistic reactions! Her breathing, expressions, and sound effects are all synched with your controls!

    (There are no mechanical loops in this game. Everything is controlled in real-time by the physics engine.)

    There's also plenty to adjust! Add a ball gag, increase or decrease her squirt and milk volumes, mess with dildo size and vibration, change her skin and hair colors, and even use parts to change the size of her tits and clit!

    * Make sure to confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.

    [About the Trial Version]
    As this game's real time engine requires a rather heavy computational load, some machines may not be able to run it. Please try the trial version first to ensure everything runs smoothly before purchase. The trial version has a number of restrictions.

    The Android version especially may not run with insufficient memory.
    There is also a feature in the trial version to test in-game Twitter/Tweet linking functionality.

    - About the Android version:
    Unfortunately, the bukkake feature is not available in the Android ver. due to the performance load.

    The following parts can be clicked and dragged.
    - Head
    - Torso
    - Tits
    - Clitoris
    - Male hand
    - Bukkake rod
    - Tongue
    - Prolapsed womb

    There are differences in the movement of each part. Try them all out to see what you like best!

    You can pull and twist on the different parts, but you can also make videos to enhance your experience! By stringing together multiple videos, you can create your own animations! Shake her around a bit for the first, then get to work on her tits for the second, and for the third... well, anything goes!


ESR-8234.rar (141.81 MB)

ESR-8234.rar - 141.8 MB

ESR-8234.rar - 141.8 MB


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