[Japanese] [220624][ゴリランド] サキュバス派遣 [JPN/ENG/CHN][RJ398960]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Succubus Dispatch

    Title: サキュバス派遣
    Company: ゴリランド
    Release: 2022/06/24
    Language: Japanese / English / Chinese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ398960.html

    Even if the operating conditions are met, there is a possibility that it cannot be operated.
    Please download the trial version first.

    Voice actor: 虎ちゃちゃ様

    Play with the mouse.
    This game will be auto-save.

    Main scenes:




    [Girl/Wall butt]

    Main Tools:

    *[Hand tool]*[Mouth tool]*[Tongue tool]*[Nose tool]*[Mushroom tool]

    In the scene [Manager/Daruma] and the scene [Girl/Wall butt], you can get an additional [Pen Tool] after clearing the game once. (In the [Manager/Daruma] scene)

    In every scene, you can masturbate, touch, suck, lick and sniff.

    In the scene [JK/Pocketpussy], it cannot be fired outside. This is because the act has become "masturbation" from the time of using pocketpussy. (smile)

    In the scene [Manager/Daruma],Iramathio and pussy insertion can be done.There are three external ejaculation positions. You can insert it at any time during masturbation and "suddenly cum inside".

    In the scene [Girl/Wall butt],Pussy insertion and anal insertion are possible.Semen on the body will not disappear unless it is wiped clean.You can insert it at any time during masturbation and "suddenly cum inside".

    Except for the first vaginal cum shot, if you continue the piston action by "insertion" for 15 seconds or more, the amount of ejaculation increases。

    For some scenes, you can do other things while still being "spread pussy".


ESR-8138.rar (44.91 MB)

ESR-8138.rar - 44.9 MB

ESR-8138.rar - 44.9 MB


Password: Esan

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