[Japanese] [220326][あせろら] 交錯のブバルディア~精液を集めて世界を救う剣士と魔術師~ Ver.1.02 [RJ364256]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Vulvaldia Intersection ~Saving the World with Semen Collection~

    Title: 交錯のブバルディア~精液を集めて世界を救う剣士と魔術師~
    Company: あせろら
    Release: 2022/03/26
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ364256.html

    Vulvaldia is a world in ruin.
    Rachel is a guild swordswoman taking requests as usual.
    Her newest job is to investigate the gate, just as she is finishing up her check,
    the walls are smashed, and a strange figure approaches.
    It's none other than Lord Charlotte, the demon lord from another world!
    Rachel attempts to defeat this powerful foe, but is forced into submission quickly.
    Charlotte does take a slight interest in the girl, though, and bestows a sexual curse upon her...
    Just then, "Kris", a magician from that same other world appears, and saves Rachel.

    It seems Kris is seeking to topple Lord Charlotte, but in order to acquire such power,
    she'll need to acquire a great deal of semen. The indebted Rachel agrees to help.

    Unfortunately, Lord Charlotte's plot is advancing too quickly.,
    She has destroyed the 7 "Crystals of Desire", and a miasma of lust has swept through the world.
    With this new development, the pair's adventure is about to get a lot more chaotic!

    To defeat Lord Charlotte, protect the crystals in each town.
    Toggle between Rachel and Kris in town as you gather information,
    and get up to lots of hot, sexy dealings.

    - Side-view battles, featuring the sex skills that "acerola" is known for!

    - When your Lust runs high, more intense sexual actions ca be used.
    Your Lust builds from skills and sexual harassment.

    - The Horny Meter measures how much the character wants sex.
    If your Lust and Horniness get too high...!?

    - Use semen you've collected to empower Rachel and Kris,
    Use features such as "begging", "exhibitionist", etc. to gather up as much seed as you can!

    - A miasma of lust permeates the world now and only sex can keep it at bay.
    If the miasma is left unhindered...!?

    - Expose yourself in town, and attract the eyes of horny NPCs. Make them jerk it!
    After all, it's not enough to just relieve yourself if you're hoping to hold back the miasma!

    - Masturbate anytime, even in public!

    - The heroines have their own fetishes.
    Repeating certain sexual situations can get the heroines hooked on a desire that dwelled deep within them!

    - The military police are there to catch bad guys and gals.
    That includes the heroines, if they get up to any nasty business!

    - Getting caught by the enemy during combat will lead to in-battle violation!
    You'll lose some HP, but you can, however, gain semen.
    Strategically speaking, it might be worthwhile to purposely get violated....

For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.

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