[Japanese] [211227][和菓子日和] アルマと呪われし記憶の断片 Ver.1.02 [RJ356879]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Alma and the Cursed Memory Fragments

    Title: アルマと呪われし記憶の断片
    Company: 和菓子日和
    Release: 2021/12/27
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ356879.html

    Alma is a magical researcher whose savings are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    At her wits end, she decides to take on some simple quests from the tavern to supplement her income,
    and the receptionist has a specific request in mind for her...

    It's light on details, and seems suspicious, but there is no arguing with the potential payout.
    Dollar signs in her eyes, Alma heads to meet the quest-giver...

    A standard turn-based RPG with a focus on in-battle H scenes triggered by certain conditions,
    mainly involving getting raped by the enemy.

    * Of course, there are triggered H scenes to find outside battle as well!

    Genres include rape, harassment, hypnosis, interspecies sex (Lots of slime, tentacles, etc.), preg-belly, etc.

    30 base CG (31 including pose art)
    250+ CG total
    Features include Lewd Level, H statuses, Text skip, Reminiscence Room, and full unlock on game completion.

For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.

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