[Japanese] [211029][アパタイト] ドSと評判の年上彼女は、意外にドMでした 〜お持ち帰りで調教してみました~


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Do S to Hyouban no Toshiue Kanojo wa, Igai ni Do M Deshita ~Omochikaeri de Choukyou Shitemimashita~

    Title: ドSと評判の年上彼女は、意外にドMでした 〜お持ち帰りで調教してみました~
    Company: アパタイト
    Release: 2021/10/29
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=1147001

    I, Takeshi Sayama, wake up to a sweet scent.
    I realize I'm completely naked, and my head is throbbing.
    When I go to the kitchen, a girl I don't know is cooking with nothing but an apron on.
    (Just what did I do…?)
    Oh, are you awake? It's almost ready, so just wait a bit longer, okay?

    My hazy memories begin to come back to me.
    We'd been having joint practice with another college's karate club until yesterday.
    At the closing party, I approached an older girl from the other school who everyone calls "the super sadistic mongoose."
    During practice, she has a mean glint in her eyes when she kicks and chops… but right now, she looks so gentle.
    From the current situation… we definitely did the deed.

    The girl gazes at me with lustful eyes.

    I've… never done anything like that before… It really turned me on…
    It's embarrassing, but… I think I kind of like that sort of thing…

    She looks at my erect cock like a wild animal and places her mouth around the tip.
    This is Master's… ahh… mm…

    Just what did I do yesterday!?


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