[Japanese] [210421][おっぽーる] 純潔の乙女ルミル Ver.1.10 [RJ319030]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Lumile the Pure Maiden

    Title: 純潔の乙女ルミル
    Company: おっぽーる
    Release: 2021/04/21
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ319030.html

    Lumile gets washed up on a mysterious island after a ferry accident.
    She visits a nearby village, where she learns that a curse prevents anyone from leaving.
    She'll need the "power" of the legendary "unicorn" to lift the curse, but is she really up to the task!?

    An RPG focused on ero events. it contains no combat, no levels, and no money.
    Proceed through dungeons by avoiding enemies,
    and see if you can find the unicorn's "power" that lies within.

    You have an HP bar, as well as a Hunger meter,
    which will significantly hamper your move-speed if it reaches 0.
    Use lots of recovery items to stay in tip-top shape.
    Note: Wandering around town will slightly increase Hunger.

    Your next objective is written on the menu screen in case you get lost, and need help.

    H Events
    25 base HCG
    50+ H scenes
    Human scenes only.

    Many events can only trigger during a certain time of day, so be thorough in your search!

    Talk to characters in the Gallery to find out their unlock conditions.
    Sometimes you'll need to proceed the story, or change times of day to trigger those events.

    - Check your ero statuses as you rack up the H events
    - Multiple endings depending on your Lewd Level. Check ending requirements in the Gallery.
    - A virgin completion is possible.

    - Sexual harassment
    - Coerced by a playboy
    - Anally-trained by a bald guy
    - Made to fulfill increasingly perverted requests from men...

    Dress-up / strip naked options are available, with H events for various men for each.

For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.
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