[Japanese] [210308][Sprite Hills] ドットアニメ町中探索ゲーム 茜町道草録 Ver.1.30 [RJ316382]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Pixel Town: Wild Times @ Akanemachi Sidetracked

    Title: ドットアニメ町中探索ゲーム 茜町道草録
    Company: Sprite Hills
    Release: 2021/03/08
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ316382.html

    24+ extra H scenes, all full of animated pixel art goodness!

    Search the town around to trigger events. There is no standard RPG combat.

    It's been almost 1 year since the incident in Akanemachi...
    Fuu and Akame have gotten themselves trapped on a mysterious island.
    And it seems they can't use their skills here either...
    At this rate, it's only a matter of time until their pursuers catch up to them.
    They've gotta escape quickly!



    Was originally tasked by her village to eliminate Akame.
    Approximately one year ago, she faced off against it, and brought it to the brink of death.
    However, it seems she betrayed the village, and the two (?) are now on the run.

    Her special skill is absorbing an opponent's power through their bodily fluids.


    An ancient biological weapon whose seal was broken about 1 year ago.
    Was on the brink of defeat, but seems to have lived on.

    A local islander who's always timidly hunched over.

    A local and carefree islander that doesn't think too hard about anything.

    Island Spots!

    Find interesting spots!

    Lots of events can occur! What's the trouble?

    A strange religious organization. Does it have some connection to what's going on...?

    A secret casino has opened up!

    H Scenes Are Fully Animated!

    Enjoy silky smooth pixel art animation!
    Includes skip / speed-up / auto functionality.
    Watch your favorite scenes whenever you like!

For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.
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