[Japanese] [210223][あせろら] 寝取られ新妻モニカ~ツンデレな奥さんのHなお仕事~ Ver.1.06 [English UI][RJ305687]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Stolen Newlywed Monica ~Tsundere Wife's Titillating Task~

    Title: 寝取られ新妻モニカ~ツンデレな奥さんのHなお仕事~
    Company: あせろら
    Release: 2021/02/23
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN
  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ305687.html

    Kyle and his band of four have set off on a journey to destroy the demon lord.

    A timid, indecisive boy, who relies on his party for help. He's also the only male member.

    The heroine of the story.
    A strong, competitive girl who looks out for others.
    She's very kind, and is Kyle's childhood friend.

    Spoils Kyle a lot.
    She's a sweet and gentle older sister type.

    Likes Kyle, but he treats her like a little sister.
    She's a busty young girl with mean-looking eyes.

    Though the party set out to defeat the Demon Lord, they received word during their journey that a hero had already done the deed.
    "What are we even doing?" the party thought. It was good that peace would return,
    so they abandoned their quest. Kyle and Monica's hometown was burned by the Demon Lord,
    so they had nowhere to go. One night as they pondered what to do, still shocked that their enemy was defeated, Kyle decided that peace meant he could finally confess his feelings to Monica.
    And so he did.
    He gave her a ring.
    Monica was so happy she cried.
    Of course she said yes, but the wedding was still a bit far off.
    Even so, they were now a couple.
    Truly they were blessed, even though the rest of the party was jealous.

    The group then found out there was a rather large city nearby.
    It's a bustling place, and even has an adventurer's guild.
    The group decides to settle there.

    The city has people from all over the world, with just a few permanent residents.
    To live there, it's necessary to pay an immigration fee of 1 million gold per person, and to obtain a guild rank of B or higher.

    So Kyle and company took up residence in an inn, and set about doing their best in whatever way they could to make the money.

    Monica takes on different jobs and quests where she ends up doing all sorts of things with all sorts of men.

    With her purity at risk, will Monica be able to become a citizen?

    Monica currently lives at an inn with her companions. Everyone's working different jobs to get the money they need, so Monica does the same from afternoon to night.
    Gather information about jobs, register at the guild, defeat monsters, rest in your room when you get tired -- that's the basic flow.

    Monica has a stamina gauge.
    The jobs you can take on are proportionate to the gauge.
    (If your gauge hits 0, you'll take a day off.)

    Make your choices carefully while watching your stamina.

    *As you get a little less uptight,
     you can take on even sexier jobs.

     There are plenty of different jobs, and each takes different amounts of stamina.
     As your stamina goes down, you'll earn money.
     If you take an especially taxing job, you'll get even more money.

     Monday through Friday proceed much like real life.
     Depending on the day, job locations and availability may change.
     Weekends are for resting, so if you've got extra stamina you can work during both the day
    and the night.

     Jobs are carried out according to this number.
     Each job takes a set amount of stamina, so if the job requires more than you have, the next
    day will automatically be a rest day.

     When you get sexually harassed, this number goes up.
     When the number is high, Monica's body is more willing, and she won't refuse advances.
     You can lower the gauge by periodically playing around with Kyle.

     The feelings of guilt when Monica cheats on her husband Kyle.
     When this number goes down, you'll be able to do more shameless things.
     Sexual harassment and jobs lower the gauge.
     If the gauge goes down too much, you'll be able to prostitute Monica.

    -Detection Level:
     When you do something shameless, such as certain jobs, this number will go up.
     What might happen if it gets too high?

     A bad status effect.
     When you enter this state, you'll be able to sell your body to anyone in town.

     Monica is surprisingly diligent, and writes in her diary every day without fail.
     She records what she did, and where and when she did it.

    -Kyle's POV:
     The perspective shifts to Kyle, Monica's husband.
     What kinds of scenes will unfold then?

     The couple has a very pure relationship, so they haven't actually had sex.
     Kyle's a bit of a late bloomer and hasn't laid a hand on his wife Monica, so she's still a
    virgin. Whether she stays that way or not is totally up to you.

     In this game, bad luck can lead to pregnancy.
     If you're impregnated, you won't be able to take certain jobs.
     Make sure to use protection if you want to keep making money!
     When you get pregnant, there will be a cut-in depicting fertilization.

    -Guild Rank:
     There are battles, so take on quests at the guild, defeat monsters, and raise your rank.
     The ranks span D through A.
     Reach a new rank, and...

    -Fetish System:
     Monica has her own dislikes.
     If you stay within those limits, eventually she'll discover brand-new inclinations deep inside.
     What will happen then?

    -Prostitution Negotiation:
     When you get frustrated, you'll be able to sell your body to the townsfolk.
     Everyone will have different reactions and accept different prices, so try negotiating to get
    them into bed for money! Something may happen if you can't reach an agreement...!


    Kyle's tsundere childhood friend, now his wife. She's rather energetic and friendly, and has a gentle heart. She's got a problem letting her true feelings out, and when they come it's usually by accident, much to her frustration.
    She doesn't know much about sex beyond the common sense stuff.
    She's embarrassed if Kyle sees her naked, but doesn't care much if a stranger does.
    If it bothered her, she'd never be able to go on adventures. She loves having sex with the person she loves. She's also fond of kissing.

    A gentle and airheaded older girl who likes to spoil Kyle. She's been taking care of him since he was very young. She's so happy when she gets to spoil him, and often does it unconsciously. She doesn't know much about sex.
    She undresses in front of Kyle without much thought.
    She doesn't care if strangers see her, either.
    She likes sex and anything that feels good.
    Especially when it's rough...

    A girl who Kyle saved from a village destroyed by the Demon Lord. She has feelings for her savior. At first they didn't get along very well, but she gradually learned his charms.
    As her aloof looks suggest, she doesn't go out of her way to talk to strangers.
    She has a complex about her large chest, and it makes her uncomfortable when people stare at it. Still, though, she likes sex well enough. Her clitoris is very sensitive.

    A kind boy who's a bit indecisive. He's Monica's husband and will do anything to help someone in need. He just wants peace.
    He gets carried away easily despite his hesitant personality.
    He likes sex, but abstains so he can maintain a pure lifestyle.
    He may be trying to hold out amid a harem of hot girls, but he's still a healthy boy, after all...

    A handsome, heroic playboy who thinks of little else but sex. He's vain and easily irritated.
    He's found that his title makes it easier to pick up women. He's actually a popular streamer.
    Using a magical stone that can display videos, he broadcasts himself having sex with the girls he meets.

    The head of the inn, and just as perverted as he looks.
    He's cheap, but not when it comes to his own interests.
    When he finds a girl he likes, he offers her a discount at his inn, then peeps on her or molests her in her sleep.

    An ostentatious and wealthy young noble.
    He makes a mature impression, but in reality he's egotistical and self-centered.
    He uses his refined looks and anything advantage he's got as powerful weapons.
    He falls in love with Monica at first sight, and will do anything to make her his.

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