[Japanese] [2018][Liar-soft] Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~(瞬旭のティルヒア ~What a Beautiful Dawn~) [Soundtrack CD + Drama CD + Music CDx5 + Update 1.1]


Sep 21, 2013
Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~(瞬旭のティルヒア ~What a Beautiful Dawn~)


Official Website:
Getchu: https://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=991796
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v21664

Japanese Title: 瞬旭のティルヒア ~What a Beautiful Dawn~
Romanji: Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a Beautiful Dawn~
Release Date: 2018/05/25
Developer: Liar-soft
Size: 5.3 GB

It was the third year of the Bunkyu era and the skies of Edo were dark. In the short ten years after Japan ended its isolationist foreign policy, Edo had been thoroughly transformed into a n ‘Engine City’ due to the arrival of steam engine technology from the strange land of Kadath via the West.

The young Shingyoto-ryuu swordsman Hachirou was given a secret order one day to pick up a package from Nobutomo, a great swordsman admired by both his older brother and uncle, in Shimoda and deliver it to Kyoto. It was a large box that resembled an ‘iron maiden’. While he was perplexed by its looks, he was more astonished when a doll-like petite girl came out from it.

Soundtrack CD
Drama CD
Music CDx5
Update 1.1

works on windows 10​

Link Here:​



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