[Japanese] [2016][SMEE] Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ HD Renewal Edition (フレラバ 〜Friend to Lover〜 HD Renewal Edition for Win10) [Bonus + Maxi CD + Save + uncensored]


Sep 21, 2013
Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ HD Renewal Edition (フレラバ 〜Friend to Lover〜 HD Renewal Edition for Win10)


Official Website:
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v11856

Japanese Title: フレラバ 〜Friend to Lover〜 HD Renewal Edition for Win10
Romanji: Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ HD Renewal Edition
Release Date: 2016/04/15
Developer: SMEE
Size: 4.5 GB


The season of cherry blossoms, and a time of new beginnings, new encounters, and new people. For Aoba Kyousuke, this new season marks the start of his second year in high school, and after taking a moment to reflect and looking at the friends around him...All he can find is a dumbass too horny for his own good, and can't get over his strange fetish for lizard-humanoid creatures.

Sure enough, he enjoys hanging out with them, and he wouldn't even think of giving it up, but something feels missing. A precious, valuable part of everyone's adolescence, and something he might just miss out on at this rate...

What is that something? Why, love of course. So upon realizing this, he shouts to the world-


He'll need to give it his all, of course, because he knows that love does not just come to those who wait.

Maxi CD

works on windows 10​

Link Here:​



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