[Japanese] [2012][HOOKSOFT] HoneyComing re:coming [Soundtrack CD + Vocal CD + Drama CD + Music CD + Digital Content]


Sep 21, 2013
HoneyComing re:coming


Official Website:
VNDB: https://vndb.org/r29101

Japanese Title: HoneyComing re:coming
Release Date: 2012/04/27
Developer: HOOKSOFT
Size: 8.4 GB

HoneyComing's story revolves around the protagonist Ogata Kouichirou, a male first-year high school student who does not have any interest in matters such as love or romance. The high school he is admitted to, named Aikyou Academy, used to be an all-girl school formally named Aikyou Girl's Academy, and still carries a high population of female students. He starts school with his childhood friend Kamijou Asahi, his younger step-sister Ogata Mio, and best male friend Shinozaki Masanori. Kouichirou eventually meets two more female upperclassmen from the same school named Maezono Clarissa Satsuki, and Shichiri Yuma, along with a female underclassman from an affiliated school named Tagaya Marino; Kouichirou becomes friends with them. Since the school used to only have female students, there are certain classes oriented towards girls which are still required to take, such as lessons on love and romance.

These lessons are known as Love-making Lessons, and students at Aikyou are required to take these classes on how to fall in love, and the ways of proper romance techniques. Each lesson, two people (of the opposite sex) pair up to make something, such as a meal for example, and they must form good communication if they intend to pass the test. There are also tests on practical skills which required note taking to later be studied for tests. During these lessons, students from Aikyou, and a nearby affiliated junior-high school, are combined for a total range of six grades from the lowest to the highest. Each time, forty new students from either school are chosen to taken part in a special class for the Love-making Lessons. The students in the special class this year include: Kouichirou, Asahi, Clarissa, Mio, Yuma, Marino, Kaoru, Masanori, and Hiroko. Two teachers are assigned to this class: Raidou Ichigo (who is in charge of the boys), and Kurebayashi Tsukasa (who is in charge of the girls).

Soundtrack CD
Vocal CD
Drama CD
Music CD
Digital Content

works on windows 10​

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