[Japanese] [2010][ad:lib] Bokura wa Piacere(ボクラはピアチェーレ) [Soundtrack CD + Vocal CD + Songs & Drama CD + Update 1.01]


Sep 21, 2013
Bokura wa Piacere(ボクラはピアチェーレ)


Official Website:
Getchu: https://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=674754
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v3863

Japanese Title: ボクラはピアチェーレ
Romanji: Bokura wa Piacere
Release Date: 2010/06/25
Developer: ad:lib
Size: 2.2 GB

This is the debut title from ad:lib. Masamichi was raised by his father who is a shrine priest. On the night of the day he began attending Souei private school, someone snuck into the shrine grounds. He thought that it was a thief, but it was actually Sakura, a girl who he had seen singing earlier in the day for the light music club. Her dad had left the family entrenched in debt, so she ended up homeless and came to the shrine to find a place to sleep. Having heard her troubles, Masamichi allows her to live with him.

Soundtrack CD
Vocal CD
Songs & Drama CD
Update 1.01

works on windows 10​

Link Here:​



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